best medical colleges in russia for indian students

Have you made up your mind to study medicine in Russia? Of course, there are various advantages of studying medicine in Russia. The preparation will help you prepare to get admission in MBBS in Russia. Get a hold of our credible professional help and have all necessary resources and guidance that can guide you on all know-how’s of studying medicine in Russia.

1. Managing the time: You need to make a ‘to-do’ list. This list will contain all the necessities that you are expected to cover in the week. Make a time table for seven days on the topics that you need to cover.

2. Keeping up the spirit to study carefully: Although medical research is a terrible job, yet you shouldn’t treat it like a 9 to 5 job. Revise the lessons from Monday to Friday on a regular basis. You should review at least three lectures a day.

3. Try to cope up with your daily schedule: Assemble the names of the chapters in a folder so that you know what subjects to revise each day. At the end of each week, remove papers from the folder after it’s done and refill papers for the next week’s revision.

4. Try maintaining a balance in taking breaks and studying: Plan your breaks, meal timings and also play hours. It’s essential that you refresh your mind. The day you are too tired with lectures on a particular subject, plan out an evening of fun. Remember, without proper breaks your brain does not work efficiently.

5. Decide your study location: The place of studying is significant. The site for education is an important factor which helps to memorise and grasp information. After all, a proper study will involve logical learning of the chapter, and the study location makes a huge difference in it.

6. Decide on the lectures which you need to attend: Not that all topics aren’t necessary, but as a student, you should know which lectures to attend. Do attend workshops to clarify your doubts, and you will gain knowledge. Do not skip lecture sessions, since you may fall behind.

7. During lectures: Try to be attentive during lectures, jot down questions and try getting answers of anything that is left unanswered. After attending the workshop, if your questions are unanswered, then mail the questions to your professor.
8. Use textbooks and book recommendations: You are supposed to follow a textbook recommended by your professor. Attend the lecture session and then go back to your room and follow the book. Everything will be crystal clear, and your power to understand will enhance. Read recommended books on a particular chapter.

9. Develop the habit of group study: Whenever you are with a group of classmates, try to explore the chapter in a collective manner. Ask questions, get the answer, and brainstorm so that you can understand the chapter better.

10. Practice test before exams: Give a lot of mock tests and prepare yourself for the exams. Testtaking skills and other strategies help in the betterment of studies and make you ready for the forthcoming exam.

If you are aspiring to study medicine in Russia, then try to get some guidance from some professionals who help students to secure admission in foreign Universities