MBBS in china

The craze of studying MBBS abroad is spreading like wildfire. Indian students choose to go abroad to study MBBS, and there is a multitude of reasons behind that. Apart from the cheap cost of studying, there are many other reasons why students find studying medicine abroad lucrative. The different underlying reasons are:

  • Students prefer MCI approved medical colleges/Universities.
  • The only selection criteria are the results of the exam of 12th standard.
  • Admission system is direct and a guaranteed one.
  • No capitation fees/donation money is involved.
  • Living cost of individual countries matches that of India.

The first thing that the students, who wish to study MBBS abroad, need to do is to sit for FMGE and MCI exams. Five most affordable medical universities where Indian students can pursue MBBS are:

Osh State Medical University, Kyrgyzstan: It’s the most affordable medical research centre of the Kyrgyz Republic. It offers academicians from China, US, Germany, Turkey, and Singapore. The medium of study is English as it invites applications from international students. The cost of living is not very high. Various college fests take place including an Indian culture show. You will be exposed to Indian food and students. You will stay near the airport and may opt for an economic trip to your native country.

KSMA, Kyrgyzstan: The Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy offers a six-year MBBS. It’s a B+ grade Medical College which offers low-cost medicine study. It has a few representatives of the University appointed by India. It has an excellent campus and students enjoy their college life while maintaining absolute commitment towards learning. More than 15,000 students from 23 countries, including India, study here. Besides completing their education from here, they are successfully placed around the globe in reputed Institutes. You will love the food and the shops around the town. Availability of internet is cheap and viable.

Ryazan State Medical University, Russia: Ryazan State Medical University offers an MBBS of six years. It is 70 years old and has produced over 17,000 doctors. It has got a highly qualified set of academic staff. It has eight specialities and more than 50 departments. There are 16 buildings. More than 1500 international students who have come from 55 countries study here. Russia is culturally rich and has a plethora of India food. You may enjoy the films there if you are fond of entertainment.

Ivano-Frankovsk Medical University, Ukraine: Ivano-Frankovsk Medical University, established in the year 1945, offers a six-year course. It specialises in verticals like- general medicine, dentistry, pediatrics, pharmacy, nursing, and prosthodontics. Good academicians are involved here which includes highly experienced professors who are science laureates. The winters are cold and extreme for any Indian to stay but the good thing is that you can enjoy extended winter vacations.

Tver State Medical University, Russia: It’s one of the oldest and leading educational institutes of Russia. It is 70 years old and was the University in Russia that initiated the practice of using English as a medium of instruction. It’s recognised by institute’s like- MCI, WHO, the medical boards of the USA, the UK and other major countries. Areas of operation are- genetics, cardiology, gastroenterology, radiology, ophthalmology, public health, and surgery. Students from more than 50 countries come here to study medicine. There is no dearth of Indian students here.

Besides this, the six-year courses provided at The University of Lodz (Poland) and Spartan Health Science University (USA) are also affordable to the Indian students, and scholarship schemes and proper accreditations are a bonus for the Indian students.

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