tbilisi state medical university indian students

Nature of Philippines

The Philippines has total 7500 islands, numerous beaches, caves, rocks and much more that gives tremendous surrounding to study MBBS in Philippines. A soothing and very clean atmosphere is the strong point of the Philippines, which attract student not only for study MBBS in Philippines, but also, experience the place and the culture of the Philippines.

Climate of the Philippines

Another advantage of an Indian student is the climate of the Philippines. Philippines climate varies from 23 °C to 32 °C throughout the year, which is very alike to the Indian climate help to Indian students in settling with no trouble. The other advantage of the similar climate is, people having the same pattern of disease which aids to the Indian students who want to practice in India.


Students won’t find any difficulties related to the transportation due to having the enormous options in transportation such as Bus, Trains, Trams, Ferry, Auto and Cable propelled transits as well as daily flights from the Philippines to India would be extra perk to the Indian students and family of the students.

Higher literacy rate

The Philippines has a simple literacy rate of 95.6%, whereas functional literacy rate is 86.45%, it means almost all the Philippines candidates are literate. Apparently you will have the literate, well mannered and polite Philippines locals. Due to high literacy and employment, there is no any threat of crime which shows that Philippines is a secured place for the students coming from any country.

Lower currency rate

If we compare our Indian currency to the Philippines currency, you won’t find any vast difference Like 1.41 Indian Rupee = 1 Philippine Pesos. The almost same currency rate offers low cost residential and food facilities, in contrast to other countries. If money is concerned for Indian student, then they no need to worry as they can get everything within the budget in the Philippines.