MBBS In Philippines

Studying abroad often seems to be a fantastic opportunity for students to gain skills, knowledge and adequate exposure. However, there are many opportunities out there we might miss out on, so here is all the information you need and a few good reasons of why you must consider pursuing your MBBS degree from the different Universities offering medical courses in the Philippines.

There are a large number of universities in the Philippines offering various courses in medicine. Most universities hold high positions in global rankings and provide top quality education and excellent and affordable facilities.
According to statistics, about 90% of the Philippines’ population is literate, and everyone out of ten graduates in medicine based in the USA has a degree from a University in the Philippines.

The advantages of studying in the Philippines is several- most colleges offer education completely in English- which is a boon for international students and at the same time, the quality is excellent, and the prices are quite affordable. Philippine has the reputation of having one of the best education systems in Asia.
The following is a list of some of the best colleges in the country, offering an MBBS degree-

  1. The Iloilo Doctors College in the Philippines is located in Molo, the Philippines is one step ahead of all, giving immense and equal importance to both academic performance and virtues like tolerance, compassion, patience, love for service and an overall good moral character- a good doctor must imbibe all these values. It has offered various courses such as graduate in Dentistry, physical therapy, criminology, radiological technology, medicine and several others.
  2. The Southwestern university is a private university in Cebu city, Philippines. It has various colleges under it- College of Dentistry, College of Medicine and College of Optometry. They offer a Doctor Of Medicine programme. It is a five-year plan which consists of three years of academic instruction, one year of clinical clerkship and one year of post-graduate internship.
  3. Silliman University is located in Dumaguete city offers a four-year course for Bachelor of Science in Nursing. They aim to produce a fully functioning and efficient nurse, who has developed sensitivity towards people’s health needs, acquired the necessary skills and knowledge and finally has developed a research attitude through the use of the nursing process. Silliman University is a home to about 300 international students who come in every year from 50 different countries from Asia, Africa, America and Europe.
  4. With its schools of nursing and natural sciences ranked very well, Saint Louis University in the Philippines is an undoubtedly an excellent destination. There is tremendous scope for research and an integral and inseparable part of their academic courses. They also offer a vast amount of e-resources and promote collaboration and communication within and outside the university, offering a variety of internships and other student skill development programmes.
  5. Cagayan State University is yet another educational institution which ranks number one in respiratory therapy education and has maintained a result of 100% for Licensure Examination for Medical Technologist. It offers undergraduate courses in respiratory therapy, medical laboratory science, public health and medical technology.

There is a sea of opportunities for all medical aspirants in the Philippines. The above-mentioned information is just a sneak peek into the wonderful world of education Philippines has to offer you! So go online and apply in one of these Universities today and fulfil your dream!