Georgia safest places for education overseas

Most of the Indian students wish to pursue their higher studies from a foreign university. Studying in a foreign location gives you the opportunity to engage with your academics with a different perspective. For many past decades, students have chosen the USA and the UK for their higher studies for their excellent education quality which is recognized globally. But things have changed a lot now. Reports of violence, implementation of rigid visa policies, hike in education cost and several other factors have made students look for alternate places for their education. Although the admittance rate of the universities abroad is one of the concerns for the students, the most important concern is safety. Evidence supports that not all countries are safe for education. So, it is always advisable to choose the host country for education keeping in mind factors like safety. Studying abroad comes with a lot of excitement and cultural awareness, but one should ask himself, “How safe is the place”? Located between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea, Georgia has been listed among the top safe countries for education and work. Life in Georgia does not differ much from that in India. Previous students’ experience indicates that Georgians by nature are calm, hospitable and warm people and one can be sure of a safe stay. In 2012, Gallup surveyed men and women about their safety in walking alone in the streets of Georgia after dark. Surprisingly, 93 percent of men and 90 percent of women in Georgia which is almost the entire population felt perfectly safe to walk alone the streets alone. The number is relatively pretty huge in comparison to that of the USA and the European countries. If we talk about crime, the statistics hint that crime in Georgia is comparatively very much less than in most European countries and in the USA. Over the weekends students can take off from their academic schedule and venture out. Because when it comes to security most areas of the city are under camera surveillance to keep a check on unwanted events and safety. Communication is smooth as both Russian and English are used, despite Georgian being the official language. In the past decade, many Indians have been to Georgia for tourism to enjoy its scenic beauty. The government of Georgia ensures the safety of the tourist with their rigid safety policies. Same applies to the students who opt Georgia for education for its low educational cost, availability of a large number of scholarships, low cost of living, and for the education system similar to that of European countries. Apart from these the transportation system in the country is pretty cheap and convenient. Like any other country, Georgia is prominent to thefts, robbery, and pickpockets, but these can be avoided with a bit of carefulness and by being cautious. One should understand the potential threats, and remain vigilant. Knowing about the host country even before being there is one of the advisable tasks to be mentioned.