MBBS in Russia

“The life so short, the craft so long to learn.”- Hippocrates

Medicine is a demanding field. It demands time, money and effort a lot more than other occupations. In fact, it is one of the most expensive educational ventures of all. The Association of American Medical Colleges deemed that in 2014, a medical student incurred a debt of $180,000 by the time he/she graduated. And if you try and look for their total debt statistics (not just in America), you would be amazed. More likely–shocked. In India, although the government colleges do figure within the range of middle-class households, not everybody gets into them. The alternative is private education which is highly unaffordable. The annual tuition fee runs up to 12 lakhs (allonmoney.com). And this is exclusive of other costs incurred by students such as accommodation, hostel, and food and so on.

This is precisely why you should try and look abroad for better and affordable medical education. If you think that this isn’t possible, then you should definitely consider Russia in the first place.

  • International Recognition: Enrolling for MBBS courses in Russia will definitely fetch you global recognition. The classes and programmes offered are well structured and organised. Furthermore, its universities are signatories of the Bologna accords that were signed between European nations to safeguard the quality of their education. This puts a medical course in Russia as a highly standardised course, recognised worldwide.
  • No Language Barrier: People might assume language difference to be a barrier. But this isn’t so. Most of the academic institutions offer both Russian and English courses and programmes. This actually makes it very feasible to go for an MBBS course in Russia.
  • Affordable Living and Education: The cost of living in Russia isn’t very high. A minimum of $300-$400 a month (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation). The tuition fees in the medical college are also way less than what other countries mostly take. Primarily, this is because most medical institutions here are backed up by the Federal government. In fact, many such organizations offer Russian state-subsidized health insurance as well. Emergency health care for international students is free of charge and efficient.
  • Outstanding Research Environment: The Research facilities are exceptional. Most medical institutions have collaborated with internationally renowned organizations like WHO to establish and publish research. Equipment, laboratories, technology – everything is top-class!
  • Social Life and Cultural Richness: Living in a foreign country is a great experience – one that is more enriching and profound than a mere holiday. Studying MBBS in Russia would be a novel experience laden with quality education and good social life. Exposure to a new language and culture would also be enriching in many ways. Moreover, with India and Russia’s age-old camaraderie, studying here becomes even more exciting. It has increasingly become a hotspot for international students, especially medical students. MBBS course, like most others, are incredibly affordable. Therefore, they offer a broader appeal to students looking forward to studying MBBS abroad than many other countries.

Needless to say, Russia offers a tremendous environment for medical education. For young, aspiring doctors this is a wonderful place to begin their medical journey. The affordability and ease of living in a foreign land make it one of the best nations to study MBBS in. The state-supported institutions offer the best quality and standardised education. The procedures for getting a visa aren’t strict to deal with. Overall, it is an ideal destination for aspiring doctors who want to have the best of both – quality and affordability!