MBBS in Europe

When it comes to higher education, either for undergraduate or more advanced degree programs like MBBS, it is important that you consider studying in Europe as opposed to studying overseas in the US or UK. For one, as a prospective student, you have access to better educational facilities in Europe, and can also save big on fees. Read on to learn why it makes more sense to choose Europe over any other destination, for overseas education.

Studying overseas can be inexpensive, it depends more on the country you choose to pursue your higher education. For example, the median cost for an MBBS degree in the US can cost you anywhere from 12 lakhs to 18 lakhs per year, and the median cost for an MBBS degree in the UK can set you back by ten lakhs per year. In comparison, the cost of studying in Europe can be quite inexpensive and can cost anywhere from 5 lakhs per year to 10 lakhs per year. Moreover, international students can apply for special scholarships and internships to offset their tuition cost, which may not be available at US and UK universities due to current changes in Visa policies.

The courses are all taught in English with English being the primary mode of communication at most universities in Europe. You may want to check out the various universities in Europe and even set up an interview with visa consultants to help you determine the best place to pursue your studies. Therefore language should no longer remain a barrier to continuing your education in Europe.

Research labs:
It is a fact that most European universities have quality research lab facilities and some of the best instructors in the field, with several Nobel laureates taking select courses at various universities. So essentially, you will be learning from the very best, and have access to some of the top research labs as well. A mere perusal of various academic papers and publications should make it clear why these universities often get featured in their journals. This is one of the key reasons why you may want to choose a European university to pursue your higher education.

Quality education:
Most universities have tenured professors, some of the very best in their field of expertise. You may want to check out the university website, find out more about the various professors and learn why it makes perfect sense to learn from the very best in your field of specialisation.

Cultural experience:
Pursuing your course of studies in Europe can provide you with a rich cultural experience. Europe hosts several international students along with several cultural festivals to make their students feel ‘right at home’. And studying in these universities should provide you with an excellent cultural experience; enable you to make some good friends. And in the process, you should receive a well-rounded educational experience.

The reasons which have been mentioned above have given the European universities the status of being the most desired in the world.