• Universities and institutions offer flexibility in selection of subjects. One can have a mix of academic and vocational subjects and pursue a specialization in different areas.
  • A number of universities offer scholarships and bursaries on the basis of merit rather than financial need.
  • One of the highest selling points of international education is perhaps it’s worldwide the reputation of commitment to excellence – infrastructure/ Faculty / Research Citations.
  • International education increases employability opportunities. Individuals are legally authorized to work in some countries – part time/completion of degrees. (Australia, NZ, Canada)
  • Networking – Cross-cultural interaction, working and living with students of other nationalities develops cultural intelligence and interpersonal skills, the pathway to employment opportunities

Do you know the statistics of NEET Examination?

More than 7 lakhs students appear for this examination every year

Only 3000 approximately seats are available, which is very tough competition

Total Government MBBS seats in India are only 60,000 – 65,000

Here are the advantages of studying abroad?

  • Low cost, no donation
  • Degree valid Internationally Work anywhere in the world
  • Government College MCI Recognised