MBBS Abroad For Indian Students

Looking for the best Overseas Education to study MBBS Abroad? PG Medica – a No 1 portal for MBBS abroad provides end-to-end information related to MBBS studies in international countries. Getting MBBS admission overseas is now effortless with PG Medica, making the method of admission more easy right from registering of the application form to the visa process.

Our portal gives you the lists only the top medical universities, which are recognized by both WHO & MCI colleges/universities in abroad. Moreover, the MBBS program is taught in the English language. At MBBS portal you will find a list of different countries, top recognized medical colleges/universities, admission process, MBBS course, MBBS course fee, etc.

Why study MBBS abroad?

Although there are exponential growth and quality in the MBBS education system in India, the growth of the competition in availing MBBS seat has moved up. Besides, we all know that medical course fees in India are expensive, and most of the students opt for a different course, making sacrifice their dreams of becoming doctors.Having opted for MBBS course abroad, the student can experience the best quality of education, witness the excellent infrastructure facility and global exposure. After completion of the MBBS abroad, students have feasible options at the international level that can make their career prospects even more successful.

Abroad MBBS Study – Direct Admission

MBBS colleges and universities abroad do not ask for the entrance exam to enroll in the program. Our expert overseas counselors will provide you the best guidance to take direct admissions in top MCI recognized colleges/universities. However, NEET is mandatory to apply MBBS as per the MCI (Medical Council of India) to qualify the screening test for obtaining a license to practice MBBS in India.

MBBS Study in MCI Recognized Colleges

Students pursuing abroad medicine study in MCI recognized colleges has plenty of options. MBBS education abroad is designed to suit as per the international student needs, more or less similar to the MBBS curriculum in India. Here, students can make smarter decisions to make the best choices to avoid confusions and create difficulty in choosing the best medical university. Students opting for the MBBS in abroad can get the best career assistance that helps in getting information to apply and proceed to secure a seat in top colleges/universities abroad.

Please note that prior to university selection, students are required to thoroughly check the background of college/university Recognition, Approval, and Accreditation.

College/University Selection

The abroad MBBS study is not only affordable but also provide the best quality education in a friendly atmosphere. Belarus, China, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, USA is some of the preferred choices of Indian students to enroll for the MBBS course. However, students selecting the country to study MBBS abroad in selecting the best medical college should consider the following points:

  • Select only MCI recognized and WHO approved colleges only.
  • MBBS program in the English language.
  • Availability of world-class infrastructure and an outstanding atmosphere to study
  • Students should verify essential criteria to study MBBS such as faculty, course curriculum, intake, etc.
  • Should check tuition fees, local transportation expenses, and food and accommodation costs.
  • Interact and familiar with students who are currently studying MBBS abroad.

Quality Education: Medical universities abroad have renowned years of experience in providing the best medical education. The syllabus of the medical is a systematic structure in such a way that the students can easily follow both theoretical as well as practical subjects. Almost all medical universities are taught in the English language. However, to interact with fellow students and communicate easily, some of the medical universities taught local languages for Indian students.

Free Counselling: PG Medica maintains a standard of excellence in providing the best counselling sessions for aspiring Indian students who wish to study abroad. With our expertise in the field of Abroad MBBS Study, with our great resources, we have assisted many students in getting MBBS admissions in best medical schools abroad. We guide them with sophisticated and self-sustainable solutions.

Visa and Documentation: PG Medica ensures that a smooth admission process is conducted by helping students to produce the right documents. We regulate invitation letter from the university after student shortlists the college/university. We also arrange for Passport Assistance, Visa Stamping, and legalization of documents.

Fly: When the student is ready to fly, we provide Travel assistance, Pre-departure and Post-departure guidance, and allocation of representatives to the student’s coordination to avoid any hassles.

Top Medical Universities Abroad

Indian students who are looking for abroad MBBS study to get a quality education and international exposure can apply for the medical universities in the countries listed below. The list gives you information related to country-wise medical universities which are listed by PG Medica according to the recognition, rankings, and quality of education.

MBBS in Belarus

The medical study in Belarus is an extremely affordable and excellent option for the Indian students enrolling in the MBBS program. The medical universities of Belarus are recognized by some of the world’s leading medical councils and organizations such as MCI, WHO and other medical councils of various nations such as the USA, Australia, UK, etc. The syllabus is taught in an excellent method, and the duration of the MBBS course curriculum is six years, including one year of internship.

Top MCI Recognized Universities in Belarus

  1. Belarusian State Medical University
  2. Vitebsk State Medical University

MBBS in China

Indian students wish to study MBBS in China can get a lot of exposure and benefits for thousands of aspirants. You can view top medical universities in China recognized by organizations such as MCI, WHO, ECFMG, WFME, and FAIMER. The total duration of the MBBS course in China is six years (including internship). However, an internship in China is not compulsory.

Top Medical Universities in China

  1. China Medical University
  2. Jilin University
  3. Capital Medical University
  4. South East Medical University
  5. Sichuan Medical University

MBBS in Georgia

Study MBBS for Indian students in Georgia has excellent benefits and a wide range of facilities. The medical universities in Georgia are recognized by the world’s leading medical councils such as MCI, WHO, IMED, and UNESCO. The medical students who graduate from the Georgian medical colleges are eligible to appear for the tests like USMLE, PLAB, and also screening test under MCI. The duration of the MBBS course is six years with one year of internship and estimated cost of the course is affordable which ranges between Rs. 28 lakhs – Rs.30 lakhs.

Top Recommended MCI Medical Universities in Georgia

  1. Batumi ShotaRustaveli State University
  2. Tbilisi State Medical University,
  3. New Vision University
  4. European Teaching University

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

The MBBS tuition fees in Kyrgyzstan are very affordable which starts from around Rs 10 lakhs. The medical universities in Kyrgyzstan are recognized and approved by the world’s leading medical council organizations such as WHO, MCI, and UNESCO. The aspiring Indian medical students have a great opportunity and are eligible to take up tests like USMLE, PLAB, and the screening test.

MCI Recognized Medical Colleges/Universities in Kyrgyzstan

  1. Asian Medical Institute
  2. K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
  3. International School of Medicine (ISM)
  4. International University of Kyrgyzstan
  5. Jalal-Abad State University
  6. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
  7. Kyrgyz State Medical University
  8. Osh State Medical University

MBBS in Philippines

A great opportunity for Indian MBBS aspirants to study medicine in top and recognized medical universities in Philippines. A preferred destination to study MBBS abroad at Philippines’ top medical colleges/ universities recognized by WHO, MCI, IMED, CHED, PASUC, ECFMG, and various other leading medical councils like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. The duration of the course completion is six years that includes one year of internship.

Top Recommended Medical Universities

  1. AMA School of Medicine
  2. Our Lady Of Fatima University
  3. University of Perpetual Help
  4. Angeles Medical University
  5. Bicol Medical School

MBBS in Poland

Poland is one of the most popular destinations for aspiring Indian students to study MBBS abroad. MBBS in Poland is known as MD. The medical degree in Poland is recognized across the world and has high magnificence. The medical universities in Poland are recognized and globally accredited by some of the leading medical councils and organization of the world such as WHO, MCI, IMED, Medical Councils of various countries like USA, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, etc. The total duration of the MBBS in Poland is six years including one year of the internship program.

Top Medical Universities in Poland

  1. Medical University of Gdansk, Republic of Poland

MBBS in Russia

Russia is a renowned and excellent destination for studying MBBS abroad for Indian students. The quality of education is on par with perfection, and the students of medicine are taught in the systematic form of teaching. The medical universities in Russia are recognized by WHO, MCI, IMED, UNESCO, and various Medical Councils of leading countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc. The total duration to study MBBS in Russia in six years along with one year of the internship program.

Some of the Reputed MCI Universities in Russia include:

  1. Crimea Federal University
  2. Kursk State Medical University
  3. Ulyanovsk State University
  4. Kazan State Medical University
  5. Bashkir State Medical University
  6. Kazan Federal University
  7. Volgograd State Medical University
  8. Novosibirsk Medical University
  9. Ryazan State Medical University
  10. Dagestan State Medical University

MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is widely known for its MBBS education at low tuition fee. Undoubtedly the best country for abroad MBBS study for Indian students, Ukraine provides excellent quality of education with high infrastructure. The medical universities in Ukraine are globally recognized by WHO, MCI, WFME, AMEE, UNESCO, IES, and IMED, UNESCO, and various Medical Councils of leading countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc. The duration of the MBBS in Ukraine is six years with a one-year internship.

Top Recommended Universities in Ukraine

  1. Kharkiv National Medical University
  2. Kyiv Medical University of UAFM
  3. Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University
  4. O OBogomolets National Medical University Odessa National Medical University
  5. Ternopil State Medical University


MBBS program in the USA is enriched with suitable skills, knowledge, and expertise that attracts Indian students to study medicine. MBBS in American Medical Colleges are renowned and are globally recognized by leading medical councils such as WHO, MCI, FAIMER, ECFMG, WFME, AAMC, CAAM-HP, etc. The minimum qualification required to pursue an MBBS course for Indian students is three years of B. Sc degree and has to appear for the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) to secure MBBS Admission in the USA. The duration of the MBBS course is four years after attaining three years of B.Sc degree and one year of the pre-medical course.

Top Medical Colleges in USA

  1. Spartan University of Health and Science
  2. American University of Barbados
  3. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  4. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  5. Stanford University, Stanford, California

Please note that students seeking to study abroad should do proper background check related to tuition fees as fees are subjected to changed.