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MBBS in Abroad

Foreign medical institutes have a lot of perks to offer to Indian students. MBBS is a difficult course but studying it in a high-class environment makes it much easier. Indian students have plenty of benefits to study MBBS in Abroad. Flying long distances doesn’t make a difference if a student has the urge to learn. There has been a rapid increase in the number of Indian students flying abroad to study medicine abroad. In India, around 1.1 million students sit for the NEET exam every year but only 2% of students get admission.

Studying medicine in abroad requires a lot of things by a student. Acceptance of changes, widening the horizons and stepping out of comfort zone are a few switches to be named. MBBS requires a lot of efforts, time and hard work. Studying MBBS in abroad can prove to be a very good decision for a student’s successful career. Indian medical colleges cannot stand correspondent to the excellent quality and incredible teaching tactics of medical colleges abroad.

MBBS in India is very difficult nowadays due to a number of problems. The private medical colleges are continuously jacking up their high-cost fees. There are a very limited number of seats available in public medical colleges of India. This is encouraging aspirant MBBS students to fulfil their dream of becoming a doctor by MBBS Abroad. Surprisingly, Abroad MBBS is very affordable and MBBS Procedure in Abroad is very easy. Medical universities in abroad aim to produce competent medical practitioners without any donation fees. This is huge merit for Indian MBBS students. There are many leading MCI Approved Universities in Abroad.

Why Indian Students prefer to Study MBBS in Abroad?

There are a lot of reasons why Indian students now prefer MBBS in Abroad and one of the main reasons is certainly the perks medical universities abroad have to offer to Indian students. Studying in abroad gives improved confidence, better decision making, and medical skills to Indian students.

The private medical colleges have raised their fee structure exorbitantly and this is why studying MBBS in India has become extremely difficult and expensive. Getting Government colleges is absolutely what is known as fate, luck or a favor of destiny. Getting enrolled into public colleges also require appearing in a number of entrance tests and paying huge sums of donation fees due to the limited number of seats available.

The opportunities you get by studying in foreign medical institutes are countless in number. Due to their fees and overall curriculum, a lot of Indian students go to study MBBS in Abroad in the scope of a better future with more ameliorate prospects.

The admission process of most medical universities outside India is very simplified, easy and hassle-free. Another reason why Indians prefer studying MBBS in Abroad instead of India is that those institutes do not ask for any sort of capitation or donation fees. However, selecting the best university is a very big decision to make and requires a lot of research, counselling, professional advice, and thought.

It is becoming a clearer choice for Indian students to study MBBS in Abroad because of:

  • excellent teaching methodologies,
  • better prospects;
  • more ameliorate technologies,
  • integrated and well-structured curriculum,
  • low-cost fees structures,
  • better living facilities,
  • easy admission process,
  • no donation fees,
  • no entrance exams, and
  • worldwide recognition.

Most of the reputed medical universities also have approval by the Medical Council of India.

Do Not Choose Foreign Medical Universities Without Reading This Section!

It is actually very crucial for Indian students to select a top medical university abroad which is perfect for them in every possible way. Some of the best ways to select a top medical university in abroad are given below:

  • Total Education Cost and Overall Budget: If Indian students are going to study in abroad to pursue MBBS, they should not be fooled by considering only the low-cost tuition fees of the shortlisted medical universities. They should keep a check on the overall cost of tuition fees, hostel accommodation, food, personal expenses, transportation and travel charge, visa charge, overseas consultancy charge etc and then only decide if the chosen country or medical university is economical for them.
  • Safety: No matter wherever in the world you go to pursue an educational course, your safety should be your first concern and should not be neglected in any way. Choose a medical university in only that country which has zero crime rates even if it is a little costlier.
  • Location of Institute and Country: The country you select should not be very far away otherwise the travel expense will be higher. Also, there should be direct flights available for easy or emergency travel without any waste of money.
  • Affiliated Hospitals and Clinics: The University should also be located in a good region with more public so that more patients visit its affiliated hospitals. If a university has more patients in its hospital, the quality is good and students can get to learn better through hands-on experience. Thus, it is very important to keep a check on the affiliated hospitals of the medical college/university to know the patient inflow.
  • Duration of CourseMBBS in India takes a total of about 5.5 years to get completed including one entire year of internship. If you select a medical university with a very long duration of MBBS course, it is going to be costlier for you. Always go to a country that offers medical education including internship not more than around five years.
  • Quality of Living and Lifestyle: In order to find a very cheap university, one should not forget considering the quality of living in that particular country. Good quality conditions make a big difference in the overall development and better learning of the individual.
  • Availability of Indian Food: This may not be a very important aspect to consider for many aspiring Indian students but it makes a huge difference in the overall well-being. The type of food an individual is used to keeps him healthy, fit and more focused. One can stay away from his usual taste for a week or two but staying away from it for a tenure of five to six years in nearly impossible. Therefore, Indian students should select a country where Indian food is available.
  • Favorable Weather Conditions: Weather doesn’t really matter when you have the urge to learn but your living conditions make a huge impact on the quality of your life, your ability to perform, your concentration, the propensity of making wise decisions and tendency of managing things. You should only select a country with weather that can suit your body type. There are many cases where aspirant students come back to India despite all the good things due to exposure to extreme heat or cold as they cannot tolerate it and thrive to stay healthy in those weather conditions.
  • English Medium Mode of Instruction: If you select a university where English medium course is not available, it can lead to a lot of problems. It can cause a waste of time in learning a new language and can drastically reduce your capability to perform due to linguistic issues. Always look for a university which offers the complete course in English medium so that you can fully concentrate on your studies without having to worry about learning a foreign language.
  • No Donation Fees: Although most of the foreign medical institutes are completely against illegal donation fees, you should still keep a check on this factor and make sure you do not pay any extra sum of money.
  • MCI and WHO Approval: If a student pursues MBBS in Abroad in a university which is not MCI approved, the degree will be considered as incapacitate or invalid in India. Thus, if you are planning to study MBBS in Abroad, it is very necessary to make sure you choose a university which is approved by Medical Council of India and obtain the MCI Eligibility Certificate before leaving India. The college you opt for should also be approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Overall Magnificence, Ranking, and Accreditation: The ranking of the university pays a huge role in determining the quality of medical education provided to the students. So, while selecting a good medical university abroad, a student must sensibly shortlist ones which are highly ranked and globally accredited by leading medical councils of the world.
  • Reasonable Price of Accommodation: You should select a country which offers living expenses, textbooks, medical insurance, travel etc at a very reasonable price.
  • Success Ratio in Different Medical Examinations: The University you choose must have a high MCI passing ratio along with other medical examinations such as USMLE, PLAB etc. This ensures the quality of medical education provided in that institute.
  • Integrated Curriculum and Exceptional Faculty: Always select a university which offers a well structured and integrated curriculum to delivery high educational standards. The faculty should be highly qualified, well trained and must use different and innovative teaching tactics to encourage practical learning in addition to theoretical clinical training of the students.
  • Infrastructure and Facilities: The University you select should be well ventilated, fully furnished and well equipped with the latest technology. It should have modern diagnostic equipment to cater to all students and patients.

Admission Process

The admission process for MBBS in Abroad is very easy and simplified. Although all medical colleges have different criteria and admission process for MBBS abroad admission, they share the same admission process on a general scale.

The candidate needs to fill up the application form and submit the same to the university office along with the required documents and passport. The documents can be scanned and sent online which also ensures complete transparency in the admission procedure. Selected students are informed by mail. After the confirmation, the student can collect the admission letter from the university and apply for visa.

What are Documents Required to Study MBBS in Abroad?

Just like the admission procedure, the documents required to study MBBS in abroad also differ from country to country and actually, from university to university. However, some of the main documents required for admission in medical colleges abroad are 10th and 12th standard mark sheet, transfer certificate, birth certificate, migration certificate, eight passport sized photographs along with medical certificates. If you allow us to assist you, there will be no need to worry and there will be no chance of disappointment. You just have to provide us with the necessary documents and we will take care of the rest.

MCI Screening Exam

The MCI Screening Test or the Medical Council of India Screening Test is an examination held under the supervision of National Board of Examinations in India. It is also known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE). If you are planning to study MBBS in abroad, it is mandatory for you to pass this exam to be able to work as a licensed medical practitioner in India after returning.

If a student pursues MBBS in Abroad in a non-MCI approved university, the degree is considered invalid in India. Thus, if you are planning to study MBBS in abroad, it is very necessary to make sure you choose a university which is approved by Medical Council of India and obtain the MCI Eligibility Certificate before leaving India.

MCI approval is thus a very important factor to be kept in mind while selecting a medical university abroad. It ensures a secure future in India. After the completion of MBBS degree from a university abroad, the candidate should sit for the MCI Screening Test and score a minimum of 150 marks out of 300. Nonetheless, MCI approval is not the only criterion that marks the quality of a university.

PG in USA / Germany


MBBS has a lot of opportunities and benefits to offer to an individual in addition to a large amount of respect and recognition. After finishing MBBS in Abroad and becoming a licensed medical practitioner in India, a doctor can avail thousands of opportunities and career aspects. He can do so by either setting up his own clinic or working as a doctor or general physician in a reputed hospital. The doctors can also work as medical analysts, researchers or medical professors or lecturers in medical colleges. The Central Government of India also has many favorable chances for the graduates by posting them as medical officers though CMS entrance test.

PG in Germany:

If you want to further pursue your post graduation degree in Medicine in Germany after completion of MBBS/MD in Abroad, you can easily apply for so. A medical study in Germany gives high recognition to the doctor all around the world and he/she can get better and more excellent education than anywhere else.

Germany offers the finest medical studies through its integrated and well-structured curriculum. However, it is necessary for students to have knowledge about the German language before they apply for studying in Germany. So, students should prepare and learn to speak the German language in the last two years of their MBBS course in Abroad. There are a total of six-course levels for the German language i.e. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 Level.

If the student successfully passes in these EU levels, he/she can apply for PG in Germany. To know more about PG in Germany after MBBS in Abroad, feel free to contact us.

Career in India After MBBS in Abroad

MBBS has a lot of opportunities and benefits to offer to an individual in addition to a large amount of respect and recognition. After finishing MBBS in Abroad and becoming a licensed medical practitioner in India, a doctor can avail thousands of opportunities and career aspects. He can do so by either setting up his own clinic or working as a doctor or general physician in a reputed hospital. The doctors can also work as medical analysts, researchers or medical professors or lecturers in medical colleges. The Central Government of India also has many favorable chances for the graduates by posting them as medical officers though CMS entrance test.

Positives to Study MBBS in Abroad

Abroad medical programs give a complete and deeper module to study MBBS in the best way. Most of the countries offer excellent medical education to Indian students through a five years study program in a very easy and affordable way. There are many advantages to study MBBS in abroad such as:

  • Better educational standards
  • The simple and hassle-free admission process
  • No entrance tests
  • Low-cost educational fees structure
  • No donation or capitation fees
  • Experienced and highly qualified faculty
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Great infrastructure
  • Worldwide magnificence and recognition of Universities
  • English medium mode of instruction
  • High-quality medical education
  • Easy student visa application process
  • Latest technology and modern diagnostic equipment
  • Low teacher to student ratio
  • High success ratio of passing screening test and other medical examinations
  • Most of the institutions are MCI and WHO recognized
  • Affordable and reasonable price of accommodation
  • Proven excellent academic standards
  • Many scholarship opportunities
  • Best opportunities for clinical exposure at university-run hospitals
  • Easy travel to India
  • Availability of Indian food
  • Extracurricular activities for personal development of the students
  • Improved confidence, better decision making, and medical skills
  • Exposure to newer cultures

More Information to Study MBBS Abroad

If you want to study MBBS in abroad in one of the leading medical universities of the world such as Zhengzhou UniversityBatumi Shota Rustaveli State UniversityUlyanovsk State Medical UniversityHuazhong University of Science and TechnologyKazan State Medical University, Peoples Friendship UniversityHebei Medical University, Bashkir State Medical UniversityGomel State Medical university and so on, you need to gather some additional information. PGMedica Overseas is there for you!

What is the USMLE?

The USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) is a three-step examination for medicallicensure in the United States. This exam tests a doctor’s ability to apply knowledge, concepts, and principles in various medical cases. The USMLE Exam gives the opportunity to pursue post-graduation studies or work as a physician in the USA. This takes place through the highest professional testing standards.

The USMLE Exam after MBBS in Abroad has three steps i.e. USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, USMLE Step 2 CS and USMLE Step 3. A student can do his PG in the USA after clearing these three examinations. They assess different skills of the physician through four levels. No USMLE step can stand alone in the assessment of readiness for medical licensure in the USA.

If you are planning to further study or practice medicine in the USA, the MCI Screening Test is not necessary. The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) sponsor the USMLE. The minimum passing score required for USMLE Step 1 is 194 and that for USMLE Step 2 is 209. Last but not least, the minimum passing score you need to have for USMLE Step 3 is 196.

What is the PLAB Test?

The PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) test is an assessment for doctors to get medical licensure in the UK. It assesses necessary medical skills and knowledge of the candidates. It is a two-part evaluation and it is mandatory to get the medical licensure in the UK.

PLAB Part 1 is a written multiple-choice exam with 180 questions. The duration of this exam is three hours. PLAB Part 2 is an exam which consists of an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). It comprises 18 scenarios, each lasting eight minutes plus two minutes reading time. An IELTS score of at least 7.5 bands is mandatory to sit for PLAB.

This exam mainly tests four skills viz. diagnosis, investigations, management, and treatment. Indian students often find the PLAB exam very easy to crack if they have the right study routine.

What is the IELTS for Getting Admission to Study MBBS in Abroad?

The IELTS or International English Language Testing System is a test for assessing proficiency in the English language. It is mandatory to clear this test in order to sit in the PLAB test. The way of scoring IELTS is through band score from band 1 to band 9. There is no minimum score to pass the test but higher the band score, better the future prospects.

The IELTS tests the ability to listen, read, write and speak in English. A candidate with zero bands basically does not attempt the test. On the other hand, the one with nine band score is an expert. IELTS/TOEFL is mandatory to be eligible to get admission for MBBS in some foreign countries.

What is the TOEFL for Getting Admission to Study MBBS in Abroad?

The TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language also checks the proficiency in the English language. After IELTS, TOEFL is one of the most widely-accepted tests to certify English proficiency. However, both of them are quite different from one another. The total duration of TOEFL is about 4 hours.

The TOEFL tests four abilities i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing each ranging from 0 to 30. The overall assessment of the candidate appearing in TOEFL is on a sliding scale from 0 to 120. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) is responsible for holding the TOEFL. It only tests academic subjects. IELTS/TOEFL is mandatory to be eligible to get admission for MBBS in some foreign countries.

Scholarship Opportunities in Abroad:

The leading medical universities abroad not only offer high-class medical education at a low-cost. In addition to this, they give various scholarship opportunities to Indian students. This helps Indian students achieve quality education even more. The scholarships are based on merit in 12th standard or the first year of medical school. All the universities have different criteria for scholarships. This promotes learning medical education even more. Foreign medical institutes pay high attention to sharpening the academic skills of their students. They lead a new generation of scholars, innovators, and leaders.

Consultancy Charge of PGMedica Overseas:

PGMedica Overseas is serving Indian students its best to enroll them in leading medical colleges abroad. Till now we have placed up to 300 students for MBBS in abroad successfully with very positive feedback. We ensure complete transparency and assistance with the students and their parents. Thus, we are one of the leading educational consultants in India for MBBS.

We first do counseling of our students and discuss their preferences, budget etc with the parents. Based on the academics, merits, interests, and caliber of the students, we recommend a good university in a good country.