MBBS in Belarus


Every year, more than one lakh students go to study MBBS in abroad. A lot of them opt for MBBS in Belarus. It is an extremely affordable and excellent study option for MBBS students who cannot study MBBS in India. If you want to study MBBS in Belarus, you are at the right place. PGMedica Overseas has tried to mention every important and minute detail for Belarusian Medical Program in this article keeping complete authenticity and transparency in mind.

Belarus is an affordable place as it has a low cost for providing medical education and accommodation to study MBBS in abroad. The admission process for MBBS in Belarus is online, short, simplified and easy just like MBBS in Kyrgyzstan and MBBS in Ukraine. The Indian students do not need to appear in any entrance exam for getting admission in Belarus MCI approved universities. They also don’t need to pay any heavy amount to take admission in one of the leading MCI approved universities in Belarus.

To add on…

The tuition fee to study MBBS in abroad, specifically for MBBS in Belarus is very budget-friendly. The living expenses and overall accommodation is also very economical. Most importantly, MBBS in Belarus does not demand any capitation or donation fee. Hence, with the passing years, many Indian students have started seeing MBBS in Belarus in any of the MCI approved universities as an option worth considering.

MBBS in India is not easy because it requires a huge sum of money. The best thing about studying medicine in Belarus is that the mode of instruction is English medium. Hence, the students do not have to worry about any linguistic issues. Along with low-cost fees structure, medical colleges of Belarus provide high-quality education through the latest technology and modern diagnostic equipment.

MCI Screening Test Passing Ratio:

Over the past few years, there has been a slight decrease in the FMGE or MCI Screening Test Passing Ratio from medical universities of Belarus. This is why we highly suggest you to do proper research before choosing a university for medical studies in Belarus. Not every university is good at training students to successfully appear in the MCI Screening Test and pass it in one go.


The medical study in Belarusian medical universities is not restricted to the classroom study and lectures. The curriculum duration for MBBS in Belarus is 6 years including one year of internship. The syllabus is taught using excellent educational methods and in full English medium. The qualification title given to graduates after MBBS in Belarus is Doctor of Medicine (MD).

The students pursuing MBBS and other medical courses in top MCI approved universities in Belarus are provided with hands-on training. The students are given special training in clinical rotations, projects and laboratory experiments. The seniors and mentors working in the medical colleges help their students to gain the best practical experience in their fields of study.

The medical universities of Belarus are recognized by some of the world’s leading medical councils and organizations such:

  • World Health Organization (WHO),
  • Medical Council of India (MCI), and
  • Medical Councils of various nations like US, Australia, UK etc.

Eligibility Criteria:

Indian students with a low budget need not get disappointed. They can pursue their dream degree at a low-cost if they study MBBS in abroad. Even if they have low academics, they can still apply to study medicine in top MCI approved universities for MBBS in Belarus. If Indian students have scored as low as 60% marks in their 10+2 examinations with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, they are actually eligible to get admission in Belarusian medical colleges.

The student must have completed the age of 17 years on or before 31st December, of the year of admission to the MBBS course. Doctor’s degree from any of the MCI Approved Medical Universities in Belarus also does not require TOEFL or IELTS score. However, NEET with qualifying marks is mandatory to get admission in medical colleges of Belarus.

Entrance Exams:

This is another huge merit of studying MBBS in Belarus. There is literally no need of appearing in any kind of entrance exam for admission in MCI approved universities of Belarus. Hence, if you study MBBS in abroad, this is in contrast to the medical colleges of India. Indian universities require the students to appear in various types of difficult entrance examinations with negative marking.

However, the National Eligibility Entrance Test or NEET is mandatory to apply to study MBBS in Belarus. The Indian Health Ministry and the Medical Council of India have made it compulsory for students to qualify NEET to get admission for MBBS in a foreign university. Thus, if you are interested in studying MBBS in Belarus, you must have cleared NEET.

Admission Process:

The admission process for MBBS in Belarus differs from university to university, just like the eligibility criteria. However, on a general scale, the admission process to study MBBS in abroad medical universities is quite the same. The admission process for all MCI approved universities is usually very easy, simplified and quick.

After deciding which university to opt for medical studies in Belarus, the candidate needs to fill up the application form. He/she is then required to submit the same to the university office along with the required documents and passport details. The documents can be scanned and sent online which also ensures complete transparency in the admission procedure.

Once the university accepts the application of the student, it informs the selected students through email. Then, a letter of confirmation of admission is issued to the student. The student can collect the admission letter from the university and pay the fees. After the payment of fees, he/she can apply for visa.

Once the Visa is confirmed, the student can book his/her tickets to Belarus and plan everything ahead. Nonetheless, if you allow PGMedica Overseas to assist you, there will be no need to worry and there will be no chance of disappointment. You just have to provide us with the necessary documents and we will take care of the rest.

Documents Required:

The documents required for getting admission in MBBS degree in Belarusian medical colleges also differ from university to university. Each college may also have its individual requirements. However, on a general scale, some of the documents required for admission are the same.

Some of the main documents required are scanned copies of 10th and 12th standard mark sheet, transfer certificate, birth certificate, migration certificate, eight passport sized photographs along with medical certificates, a copy of international passport with at least 1.5 years validity etc. We repeat, provide us with your documents and we will take care of the rest.


The cost of MBBS course in Belarus is very affordable to that of private medical colleges in India. Although every university has a different fees structure and every country has a different expense of living, the average total fees of Belarus medical colleges usually costs around Rs. 22 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs.

This is very affordable as compared to the fees structure of Indian medical colleges. The cost to study MBBS in Belarus depends upon a lot of factors such as the university grade, ranking, type, hostel etc. Please note that your overall budget and expense of living depends upon your living preferences.

MCI Approved Universities:

There are a lot of Indian students who go to study MBBS in abroad in Belarusian medical colleges. Graduating from one of the top MCI approved universities in Belarus promises and assures a great future. There are four MCI approved universities in Belarus:

Admission Deadline

Although the admission deadlines for all universities, schools, and colleges are different, be it Northern State Medical UniversityVolgograd State Medical UniversityOsh State Medical UniversityDagestan State Medical UniversityRyazan State Medical UniversityBashkir State Medical University and so on, there is still an average admission deadline that students can consider. Most of the Belarusian medical colleges admit students and begin their academic year in July – August for Belarusian MBBS program.

The last date to apply for admission to study MBBS in abroad for MBBS in Belarus is usually the end of June every year. To know the exact admission deadline for the Belarusian medical program, contact us. If you do not get yourself enrolled in a top medical university to study MBBS in Belarus, you will have to compromise with what is left.

The availability of seats in your desired medical colleges actually matters a lot; this is why we suggest you reserve a seat in your desired college with PGMedica Overseas. If you book the seat to study MBBS in abroad in advance, preferably the end of May, there will be no sort of hassles. However, visa processing can take place as late as in July. However, if you are late due to any reason, you can apply for admission or seat booking later as well in case the seats are available.


If you want to study MBBS in Abroad at an affordable cost without compromising with the quality of education and living, MBBS in Belarus is very beneficial for you. The main benefits of MBBS in Belarus are:

  1. You do not require IELTS/TOEFL score to get admission for MBBS in Belarus.
  2. The degree of MBBS in Belarus has a global recognition.
  3. The mode of instruction for the entire degree program is English.
  4. The fees structure of MBBS in Belarus is very low and affordable.
  5. The total price of accommodation in Belarus is also economical and reasonable.
  6. Belarus medical colleges offer many scholarship opportunities for the students.
  7. The country is totally safe to live in.
  8. Belarus has four leading MCI approved universities which follow the ECTS focused learning system.


If you study MBBS in Abroad, you will have to face some difficulties as well. Some of the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Belarus are:

  1. The weather gets extremely cold in winters which makes it difficult for Indians to adapt themselves.
  2. Students have to learn the Belarusian or Russian language in order to interact with patients during the internship.

PG in USA:

After completing your dream course of MBBS in Belarus, you can plan to study further in the USA. Medical PG (MD / MS Degree) in the USA does not require the clearance of the MCI Screening Test. Thus, if you are planning to study medicine in the USA, you do not need to worry about preparing for MCI exam or clearing it. This is undoubtedly one of the best things about studying MBBS in USA.

Also, the MBBS degree from the USA is valid and highly reputed in India. To get the admission in leading medical colleges of USA, you just have to successfully pass the online USMLE Step 1 Exam. The MCI approved universities of Belarus provide the coaching for the same. After clearing the USMLE Step 1 Exam, the student should successfully qualify the USMLE Step 2CK Exam for enrolment in USA medical colleges.

PG in Germany:

If you want to further pursue your post graduation degree in Medicine in Germany after completion of MBBS/MD in Belarus, you can easily apply for so. A medical study in Germany gives high recognition to the doctor all around the world and he/she can get better and more excellent education than anywhere else.

Germany offers the finest medical studies through its integrated and well-structured curriculum. However, it is necessary for students to have knowledge about the German language before they apply for studying in Germany. So, students should prepare and learn speaking the German language in the last two years of their MBBS course in Belarus. There are six course levels for the German language i.e. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 Level.

If the student successfully passes in these EU levels, he/she can apply for PG in Germany. To know more about PG in Germany after MBBS in Belarus, feel free to contact us.


We also help our students through “counseling” to let them select the best university for MBBS in Belarus.


Through group counselling sessions in form of seminars, PGMedica Overseas aims to entail more than merely helping students choose the best career for them. Our main motive is to guide our MBBS aspirants on the right path. We aim that they become motivated to work hard to achieve their goals. Expert counsellors organize our seminars and give valuable advice on students’ medical career. We also try to impart as much knowledge about MBBS in abroad as possible. We try that before even joining the college, students have a basic idea of the curriculum, norms, teaching patterns and a lot more.


PGMedica Overseas also does online counselling of their students in form of webinars just in case they are physically unavailable. We share screens with our online audience and give them a basic idea about MBBS in abroad through PowerPoint Slideshows. At the end of every webinar, we also interact with our students in form of “questions and answers” session.

We give complete information on MBBS in AbroadMBBS in IndiaMBBS in GeorgiaMBBS in ChinaMBBS in RussiaMBBS in USAMBBS in UkraineMBBS in Poland etc giving a gist about each country’s medical education norms. Eventually, we help each student decide which country and which university is best for them.

Telephonic Counseling:

Just in case the students are not available the form of a physical or online audience and still want assistance, PGMedica Overseas does so by telephonic counseling. Our expert team of MBBS counselors get in touch with the students via phone calls, answer their queries and guide them to what is best.


If you want to study MBBS in Abroad in Belarus, you would be happy to know that Belarus is very serious about its educational reforms and quality. It has been making continuous efforts over the past few years to improve the quality of education and uplift the standards as per settled international educational norms.

Climatic Conditions

The climate of Belarus is generally cold. The summers are also usually moist and cold. The country is in the transitional zone between continental climates and maritime climates.

Main Religion

The main religion of Belarus is Eastern Orthodoxy. However, people also follow Greek Catholicism, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism in this country. People are free to practice their religion or follow no religion at all. Around 41% population of Belarus is atheist. Every citizen of Belarus has the freedom of worship, so, the students of all religions can easily live and study in Belarus without any sort of issues or pressure.

Culture and Economy

Belarus is a multi-cultural land with a lot of performers, artists, writers, musicians, and actors. Music in Belarus largely comprises a rich tradition of folk and religious music. The country’s economy is largely dependent on manufacturing industries. However, the educational sector is largely emerging up as a good source of employment.


Russian and Belarusian are the two official languages of Belarus. However, English language is also emerging up in Belarus due to evolving of educational sector. In other words, due to the increasing number of foreign students in Belarusian schools & colleges, and to promote internationalism, Belarus has been continuously promoting English literacy.


Belarusian cuisine is quite diverse and mainly consists of vegetables and bread. The natives of Belarus eat Pork at a large scale. However, chicken and beef are also common. However, keeping in mind the “Islamic” halal preference and vegetarianism, pork-free food is also easily available in Belarus. Due to a large number of international students, Belarusian restaurants and stores are also promoting seafood and vegetables.

Indian food is also quite easily available on the streets of Belarus. Belarusians eat a light breakfast and their dinner is the largest meal of the day. Although this is not advisable, it is quite identical to the Indian eating routine, and thus, easier for Indian students to adapt.