AMA School of Medicine

AMA School of Medicine is a medical school of AMA Education System (AMAES). It is also known as AMASOM and focuses on proving world class MBBS in Philippines. The educational program of AMA School of Medicine helps Indian MBBS aspirants achieve their goals at a budget friendly cost. It is one of the best medical universities to study MBBS in Philippines. Hence, a large part of Indian students is now opting for MBBS in abroad at AMASOM instead of MBBS in India.

MCI Approved:  Yes

Establishment: 2004

Location: Makati City Fourth District, Philippines

Type of University: Private

Mode of Instruction: English

Duration of Course

The AMA School of Medicine provides medical education for MBBS in Philippines through a four-year MD course in which the first three years focus on basic and clinical while the fourth year is focuses on the application of the clinical concepts in actual clinical settings

Recognition of Degree

  • Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)

Hostel / Accommodation

Public, as well as private hostels, are available for Indian students in AMA School of Medicine. On an average, the hostel fee to study MBBS in Philippines sums up to around 400 USD per year. However, your overall expenses depend on the preferences you make.

Also, if you take admission on time, chances of better hostels are even more. If you get late, all good hostels may get already acquired. Therefore, you have to stay in dormitories with around three other students.

Indian food is also easily available in these hostels. PGMedica Overseas also has their own private hostels which are completely safe for students. So, if you are looking for hostels in Kant, contact us to know more.

More About Makati City


Makati features a tropical monsoon climate and the humidity levels are usually very high which makes it feel much warmer. The period of January to May is usually dry while June to December is quite wet. The temperature is generally around 27-32 degree Celsius throughout the year which makes the city quite easy to adapt in.