The medical degree from Poland is highly reputed all over the world and allows a student to work as a doctor anywhere in European countries. The degree is recognized across the globe and has high magnificence. Indian students can also get medical licensure in India after studying MBBS in Poland. All they have to do is to appear in the MCI Screening Test after the completion of their degree.

MBBS in Poland is actually known as MD. Every year, Poland sees a high number of international students, a large part of which comes from India. Indian students are flocking to study MBBS in abroad in a large number. This is because of a number of problems in the Indian medical education system. Actually, MBBS in India is getting extremely costly over time.

MBBS in Poland

Study MBBS in Poland Medical University

Poland is one of the best and most popular destinations to study MBBS for Indian students. The fees structure of abroad medical programs is much lower than that for MBBS in India. A lot of amazing opportunities are available for students to study Medical in Poland. On top of that, Poland provides high-class European education to students.

The medical degree from Poland is highly reputed all over the world and allows a student to work as a doctor anywhere in European countries. The degree is recognized across the globe and has high magnificence. Indian students can also get medical licensure in India after studying MBBS in Poland. All they have to do is to appear in the MCI Screening Test after the completion of their degree.

MBBS in Poland is actually known as MD. Every year, Poland sees a high number of international students, a large part of which comes from India. Indian students are flocking to study MBBS in abroad in a large number. This is because of a number of problems in the Indian medical education system. Actually, MBBS in India is getting extremely costly over time.

Recognition of MBBS Degree of Poland

The medical universities of Poland are recognized and globally accredited by some of the leading organizations and medical councils of the world such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI), the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), Medical Councils of various nations like US, Canada, Saudi Arabia etc.

MBBS Course Duration in Poland

All Polish universities have a well structured and globally recognized curriculum for studying. The curriculum is focused on the ECTS learning system. The total duration of MBBS in Poland is a period of six years including one entire year of internship. The medical program in Poland is taught in English as well as the Polish language. The students can select their medium of instruction as per their preference. However, Indian students are only advised to study MBBS in Poland in complete English medium.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Poland

Indian students with low academics as 60% in PCB in 10+2 examinations are eligible to study MBBS in Poland. However, the eligibility criteria for every nation and university are different. The candidate must also have qualified NEET exam. The students do not need to appear in any sort of entrance test but have to appear in an online interview with the admission officials of the university.

The interview is not at all difficult. The interview questions for MBBS in Poland are easy and are based upon subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and a little of Mathematics. The questions are based on the 12th standard examinations of India. Another surprising fact about studying MBBS in Poland is that the students are not required to pay any sort of capitation fees to get admission.

The student must have completed the age of 17 years on or before 31st December, of the year of admission to the MBBS course. Doctor’s degree from a Medical University in Poland also does not require TOEFL or IELTS score.

Cost To Study MBBS In Poland

Approximately, the total fees of Poland medical colleges is somewhere between Rs. 48 lakhs – Rs. 68 lakhs. It is affordable as compared to India and depends on many different aspects. Poland MBBS degree is very reputed all over the world. The total fees and living cost also depend upon the living style, food preferences, hostel or university typing, ranking, etc.

Living Expenses in Poland:

The living cost in Poland for the Indian students is also very reasonable. Your total expenses totally depend on the types of facilities and hostel you go for. Medical schools in Poland cost quite low as compared to MBBS in USA as well. On an average, your hostel fee may end up being Rs. 1 lakhs – Rs. 1.5 lakhs per year. Food in Poland costs around Rs. 14,000 – Rs. 16,000 per month. We repeat, these are just estimates!

Entrance Exam

This is another huge merit of studying MBBS in Poland because there is literally no need of appearing in any kind of entrance exam for admission in medical colleges of Poland. This is in contrast to the medical colleges of India which require students to appear in various types of difficult entrance examinations with negative marking.

However, the National Eligibility Entrance Test or NEET is mandatory to apply for studying medicine in Poland. The Indian Health Ministry and the Medical Council of India have made it compulsory for students to qualify NEET to get admission for MBBS in a foreign university. Thus, if you are interested in studying MBBS in Poland, you must have cleared NEET.

Top Medical University In Poland

You should consider a university which gives top most quality education. If you ask us to select top medical universities In Poland, we would highly recommend these:

Admission Process : How To Apply For MBBS In Poland

The admission process for MBBS in Poland differs from university to university, just like the eligibility criteria. However, on a general scale, the admission process for MBBS in Polish medical universities is quite the same.

After deciding which university to opt for medical studies in Poland:

  • The candidate needs to fill up the application form
  • He/she is then required to submit the same to the university office along with the required documents and passport details
  • The documents can be scanned and sent online which also ensures complete transparency in the admission procedure
  • Once the university accepts the application of the student, it informs the selected students through email
  • Then, a letter of confirmation of admission is issued to the student
  • The student can collect the admission letter from the university and pay the fees
  • After the payment of fees, he/she can apply for visa
  • Once the Visa is confirmed, the student can book his/her tickets to Poland and plan everything ahead

Nonetheless, if you allow PGMedica Overseas to assist you, there will be no need to worry and there will be no chance of disappointment. You just have to provide us with the necessary documents and we will take care of the rest.

Positives To Study MBBS In Poland

There are a lot of private universities in Poland as well as public universities in Poland. Hence, there are in numerous benefits to study MD/MBBS in Poland. The benefits of studying MBBS in Poland cannot be neglected. Some of the main benefits of studying MBBS in Poland are given below:

  • Low-cost tuition fees and reasonable price of living
  • MCI Screening Test / FMGE / USMLE / PLAB coaching in leading medical schools of Poland
  • Availability of high ranking medical universities for MBBS in Poland
  • Many MCI approved medical colleges in Poland
  • Worldwide recognition of the degree
  • Recognition of medical universities in Poland by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • High-quality teaching
  • Complete English medium mode of instruction in Poland or English taught MBBS programs in Poland
  • The easy, simple and hassle-free admission process
  • No donation fee, no hidden charges and no entrance tests
  • Easy admission for PG in USA or PG in Germany after MBBS in Poland
  • No requirement of IELTS or TOEFL
  • Personal and professional development
  • Favourable weather conditions for Indian students
  • High MCI Screening Test passing ratio in top medical universities of Poland
  • Integrated MCI coaching / Integrated USMLE training in leading medical schools of Poland
  • Most of the MBBS universities in Poland follow the ECTS focused learning system
  • Availability of stipend for MBBS in Poland
  • MBBS degree in Poland has high value
  • MBBS fees in Poland are affordable
  • Better prospects in life

Student Life In Poland

The medical students who are pursuing their MBBS degree and other medical courses in Poland are given the best facilities in the university campus. The accommodation provided to the students is very good and meets high standards. The hostels of Polish medical universities are well secured with the 24-hour security system. The rooms of the hostels are fulfilled with the basic facilities like air conditioning, heating, water supply, hygienic food and laundry.

There are many Indian students in Polish medical universities. The university campuses have a healthy atmosphere and give equal importance to local as well as international students. The weather in Poland is almost identical to that of India which makes it really easy for Indian students to adapt to their surroundings. An easy and quick adjustment allows better concentration and studying environment for the students.

Many scholarship opportunities and global exposure are given to students in Polish medical colleges. The college life in Poland is very good and positive. A happy and healthy environment produces competent medical professionals. Living in the university hostels and roaming around the campus as a university student makes it very easy to become involved. Events and activities are hosted on regular intervals of time.

The top-ranked medical colleges have a positive, joyous, and friendly student culture and a lively campus community. The universities offer student programs devoted to the appreciation of diversity. They support students from all backgrounds and aim for the expansion of cultural horizons. The universities are also affiliated with hospitals and provide 24*7 medical services for the safety and health of the students. Travel for students in Poland is also very cheap as they get special student discounts to travel across the country.

More information about Poland

Also, there are a lot of hassles involved in getting admission into medical colleges of India. The private medical colleges of India are very costly and the public medical colleges, on the other hand, have very few seats for MBBS. NEET, however, is mandatory to study MBBS in India as well as study MBBS abroad. No matter wherever you go in the world to pursue a medical education, you need to clear the NEET with passing marks.

While going to study MBBS in Poland, Indian students must make sure that they only go to a university which has approval from the Medical Council of India or the MCI. MCI approval gives students the power to practice as a medical professional in India after their return. You must also go to leading, public medical universities for MBBS in Poland with complete English medium mode of instruction.

The university you select should also have a high ranking and WHO approval. We have discussed “how to select a medical university abroad” in the later part of this page. There are a lot of medical universities in Poland. Also, Poland medical school ranking is getting improved day by day. If you want to pursue MD / MBBS in Europe, Poland is a great study location.

Medical education in Poland is beneficial for Indian students in a lot of ways. There are many leading MBBS colleges in Poland. We have mentioned the list of “MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Poland” as well as the list of “top MCI Recognized Medical Colleges in Poland” in the later part of this page.

Thus, MBBS in Poland is a very sensible choice for students looking for an affordable fees structure and budget-friendly degree. Poland is full of leading medical universities of the world. Study MBBS in Poland is the best way to secure a career with the best opportunities worldwide. MBBS in Poland is known for its world-class education and healthcare treatments.

Poland also offers tremendous cosmetic surgery options at affordable prices which is its unique speciality in medicine. MBBS in Poland offers classroom educational programs and clinical training activities in cheap medical universities in Poland.

Safety of Indian Students at Poland:

Poland is a very safe and excellent location to study medicine abroad. You can easily go to study medicine in Poland and be sure of your safety. Poland has strict laws against crimes and harassment activities. The medical universities of Poland also keep a proper check on the safety of international students through CCTV cameras, strict rules and regulations and very alert & responsible security guards. Thus, Indian students applying for the medical program in Poland can be assured of their safety in Poland.

Challenges Faced by Indian Students while studying MBBS in Poland:

While MBBS in Poland is very prospectus, there are a few hurdles or problems faced by Indian students in Poland during their studies. Because of the lack of transparency and authentic information by agents, Indian students usually make wrong choices while going to study MBBS in Poland. Some of the main problems faced by them are listed below:

  • Students are often misled by agents about the MBBS study program. They are not given proper information about the mode of instruction. Indians should only go for English medium colleges but they are cheated and get enrolled in bilingual colleges.
  • Bilingual medical universities become very problematic for Indian students as they cannot study completely in the English language. Thus, they have to learn a new language which drifts their focus from medical studies.
  • Students are also cheated by agents as they are manipulated to pay the total six years MBBS fee at once. Remember, no medical university in Poland ever asks for total fees altogether.
  • Another huge cheating done with Indian students is that the fee is taken by agents who claim to pay it themselves. However, they cheat the students, take all the money and disappear. The tuition fees, thus, should be directly submitted by the students in the university office.
  • At the starting, students are misguided by the low-cost fee structure of medium programs. Once they have fulfilled more than half of the requirements and paid high fees to the agents, they come to know that the actual fee is different than what they were promised.
  • Students are also promised to get premium quality MCI Screening Test training in every Polish medical university. However, this is untrue. Low budget colleges never provide MCI Screening Test training to the students.

Thus, before finalizing your admission with any overseas educational consultants or agents, make sure to do your complete research about them. Remember, your choices will decide your future! Thus, selecting an authentic educational consultant company like PGMedica Overseas will never cause any issues to you.

Top Universities in Poland