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Study Mbbs in Poland

MBBS in Poland – Exceptional Education. Exceptional Value.

Innovative education and research for a healthier World.

Economically strong and diverse country, Poland is full of top medical universities that Indian students want to study MBBS in Poland due to its low tuition fees and high growth rate after completing MBBS in Poland. Study medicine in one of the leading countries in Europe like Poland is the biggest opportunity for the ones who like to face challenges and live their dreams with professionalism. If you are looking forward to studying abroad or if you want to have the experience to study abroad but are lagging behind due to the tough grading criteria, then you can go for Poland for best career opportunities without any grading system. Students from developed nations like Norway, USA, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Canada etc. enroll themselves for paramedical and medical courses every year in the universities of Poland as they found the culture and scope of MBBS in Poland welcoming the overseas crowd with alluring benefits. Study MBBS in Poland is the way to secure career with best opportunities worldwide. MBBS in Poland is known for its world-class education and healthcare treatments and being a proper tourist destination, Poland offers tremendous cosmetic surgery options at affordable prices which is its unique specialty in medicine.

Moreover, the healthcare system in Poland is undergoing a radical change which keeps on improving and increasing rapidly altogether private and governmental clinics which provides treatment at 0 cost under public health insurance scheme surpassed in Poland. MBBS in Poland offers classroom educational programs and clinical training activities in cheap medical universities in Poland. MBBS in Poland is recognized worldwide and students are also eligible to take MCI screening test, students can also issue the blue card which is the ticket to settle down in Poland for the job.

Advantages of pursuing MBBS in Poland

Studying MBBS in Poland has land you in various benefits such as;

  • High quality MBBS in Poland provided by every university at a very low cost.
  • MBBS in Poland is Recognised by almost every international body like WHO, MCI etc.
  • No requirement of IELTS OR TOEFL for MBBS in Poland.
  • Mode of teaching MBBS in Poland is fully English.
  • Excitement scholarship opportunities during MBBS in Poland is provided to deserving students.
  • Students obtain internships in prestigious hospitals during MBBS in Poland.
  • Cost of living during MBBS in Poland is comparatively less tan than countries.
  • Poland is rich in providing employment opportunities to students after completion of MBBS in Poland.
  • The MBBS in Poland is guarantee to provide place for the full tenure which is not provided by all other countries.
  • MBBS in Poland is rich in medical and clinical aids provided with modern equipment facilities and clinical tools with technological advanced teaching staff.

Recommended universities for MBBS in Poland by us

Gdansk medical academyThe university has more than 5000 graduates per year including postgraduates and doctoral students. Gdansk medical school

Medical academy in Lodz – The university by its mission to educate students of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and other programs and is the largest university in Poland which conducts research assignments at a large scale and by participating in public healthcare programs in Poland. Medical academy, Lodz

Wroclaw medical university (Poland)The university is famous for its medicine in Poland for being the oldest and largest one in the history of medicine and is known for its student friendly environment and growth in educational structure. Wroclaw university, Poland

Indian students during MBBS in Poland

Indians are likely to prefer Poland as their educational hub for medicine in the entire European union.

In a survey, it is mentioned that Indians found cities in Poland tidy and safe which is outrageous more than that the people of Poland are helping and understand English as well.

As the new regulation in Poland bring some benefits to overseas students for allowing them to work and keep themselves financially capable to meet their requirements and to cope up with the growing economy of the country. Poland medical university allows their students to accomplish their dreams in a polished way by treating non-EU student’s way more above then EU students to generate employment opportunities and allows them to work well in advance. Duration of MBBS in Poland takes up to 5 years and the country is not bound to bureaucratic laws and treat every student equal by allowing them to take lectures in their area of expertise and share their knowledge. It is noticed that the average wage rate of medicine in Poland for international students have been substantially increased year by year. Almost 77% of the Indian doctors are practising in USA, UK, Germany.

Living cost of medical student during MBBS in Poland

Polish medical education system comprises of 3 cycles –

  1. Undergraduate study cycle-
  2. Postgraduate study cycle
  3. Doctoral study cycle

Education for Polish students in Poland is free of cost in all universities run by government. Indeed, there are other extra cost incurred such as-

  1. Student id card issuing fee
  2. Exam retake fee
  3. Enrolment fee

Living cost during MBBS in Poland- In central European country like Poland the access to living cost is around 300-600 euros/month if you choose “Pulkowice” as your city to live in. Moreover, students can adjust their living cost slightly lower by choosing their preferred city.

Accommodation cost during MBBS in Poland- Accommodations in Poland consists approx. 40% of monthly budget. Students studying in top rated university in Poland may find their source of residence in university residence halls or rental shared apartments to minimise the living cost.

However, the living cost in Poland is slightly higher as compared to other European countries due to the high standard of living of polish people and they set the accommodation cost as-

For single occupancy- 360 euros/month

For double occupancy-445 euros/month

University campuses- 270 euros/month

Living cost in Poland (price index)

Ranking of Cost of Living in Poland

Ranking City Price Index *
1 Gliwice 93
2 Warsaw 92
3 Krakow 89
4 Poznan 88
5 Gdansk 87
6 Wroclaw 84
7 Szczecin 84
8 Lublin 77
9 Lodz 77
10 Bialystok 74

Other expenses incurred during MBBS in Poland

Besides rent there are some additional expenses like garbage, electricity, water etc which sums up to 160 euros for approximately 90 square metres residential apartment. Landlords may ask for advance payment of additional charges for 2 months in rental apartments.

Challenges in studying MBBS in Poland

To get the best out of countries to cultivate the dream to pursue MBBS in abroad students will have to face certain challenges and they comes a way in every country. we are introducing you the challenges you my face while pursuing medical education in Poland.

  1. High tuition fee– less students go in Poland for study MBBS due to its high amount of fee i.e. 50-60 total tuition fee for 6 years. There are students who are studying MBBS in Poland by paying the huge amount or by taking a loan. This is only because of the quality of education and good working opportunities in Poland.
  2. Low level of attainment– in Poland, foreigner students usually falls low level of attainment which is less than 50% than Polish students. This lowest efficiency is generally found in Medical universities in Poland or the engineering universities.

MBBS in Poland: Admission in top Universities

  • The initial step to start the procedure for MBBS admission in Poland is fill the application form online.
  • Next is to get the application approval from the university within 4-5 working days.
  • Send scan copies of all the documents mentioned in the checklist of the university.
  • Then the university release the invitation letter which later on used in the embassy for Visa purposes.
  • Embassy issued the Visa within 30-40 days and you are eligible to depart to Poland within the date mentioned by the university.

About Poland

Poland, an eastern European country popularly known for its Jewish heritage and architecture. The largest city and the capital of the country-Warsaw has the world’s most precious Museums, life, German artefacts etc. it would be the fascinating adventure and experienced learning to the students who come Poland for study purposes and to live the European culture as well. Poland is the active member of the European union. MBBS experts suggests you to prefer the beautiful, adventurous, innovative, cultural, economically strong nation like Poland as their dream destination to become Doctor by study MBBS in Poland and experience the challenging opportunities for successful Doctor. Poland is counted amongst economically strong, politically strong with best quality of education in any field with international recognition of degrees.

Facts about MBBS in Poland

  • Official Name – Republic of Poland
  • Capital – Warsaw
  • Population – 38 million
  • Area – 312,678 km. sq.
  • Prime Minister – Mateusz Morawiecki


  • Economy
  • GDP- $ 1.1 trillion
  • Per capita- $30,827
  • Religion Majority- Roman Catholicism
  • Language – Polish
  • Currency – Polish Zloty
  • Time zone – CET (UTC+1)
  • Calling code – +48

Climatic conditions in Poland

Weather in Poland is temperate in the whole country. however, it differs from winters to summers. In the north and west it is oceanic and becomes temporarily warmer and continental from east and south.

Lower Silesia is the warmest of all in the entire Poland where in temperature goes like 35°C to 39° C. other warmest cities in Poland are- Wroclaw, lesser Poland, Tarnow etc.

Northeast region in Poland is known as the coldest of all which has the cities like- Suwalki, Voivodeship, Podlaskie etc.

Average climate in Poland in largest cities-

cities Summer in °C Winter in °C
Warsaw 22/12 0/-4
Wroclaw 22/12 0/-3
Poznan 22/12 1/-3
Krakow 21/12 0/-5
Gdansk 20/11 -1/-4

(Source- Wikipedia)

Ethnic diversity in Poland

Poland is a diverse nation with a mixture of many religions and communities. Largely, the religion that is followed in Poland is Roman Catholicism.

Though Christianity was adopted by the country but still the country has contributed a lot in developing the significant ideas to have freedom of religion to everyone. Religious tolerance has also lead to many reforms in Poland but later the country came out as a powerful nation world-wide. The statistic breakups of religion and ethnic groups exist in Poland are-

Ethnic minorities that exists in Poland are-

  • Jews-0.5 million
  • Lithuanians-0.75 million
  • Belarusians-1.5 million
  • Poles-4.5 million
  • Ukrainians-3.5 million
  • Prussians-0.75 million
  • Livionians-0.5 million

Indian food in Poland

Indian food is easily available in Poland in the variety of Indian restaurants available in the big cities of Poland. Indian students wising for pursuing MBBS in Poland doesn’t find any difficulty in living and food, as MBBS experts provides accommodation with Indian chef who cook delicious food. Students who wish to live in student apartment can also find Polish food easy to eat and delicious including vegetarian, non-vegetarian as well.

Some popular Indian restaurants in Poland-

  1. Bombay masala
  2. Namaste India
  3. India
  4. Curry house
  5. Rasoi Indian restaurant
  6. India king Indian restaurant.
  7. Parivaar
  8. Buddha restaurant
  9. Swagat
  10. Karma restaurant

Services for International students in Poland

Flights- there is no airline that fly directly from India to Poland. There is minimum of 1 stop break. Some of the cheapest flights that goes to Poland are-

  • Qatar airways
  • Aeroflot
  • Air china
  • Turkish airways
  • British airways
  • Brussels airlines
  • Emirates
  • Jet airways

The maximum fare that these airlines will charge is not more than- 159,337. This is the minimum amount that the cheapest flight charges from New Delhi to Poland.

Mobile networks– Mobile networks are very advances and fast in Poland. The major network operators that are running in Poland are;

  • Telcoma – 5G,4G
  • Orange
  • Play
  • Plus

You can take any operator services in Poland. All of them are highly preferable to Indian students. They also provide ease of access to the fastest and smartest internet with 5G, 4G lite speed.

Banks– Poland is a developed nation with a powerful economy. The banks in Poland are highly secure and will transact a secure international payment for students pursuing Medical education in Poland or any course student. Being a foreigner, we advise Indian students to choose or can open their student account in any of these 3 best international banks in Poland for best and secured money transfer.

  • Millennium Bank
  • PKO Bank
  • ING Bank

Our services to international students-

Facilities we provide to International students during their MBBS in Poland

We make students aware about everything regarding the higher education in Poland and provide great consulting support right from the beginning till the completion of your MBBS course in Poland.

PG Medica are the leading educational consultants in the market. We assure complete assistance we promised with full loyalty and responsibility.

We offer great assistant to Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad and all medical aspirants, as we understand the need of students and their parents to get the best career orientation, we totally provide assistance according to their convenience.

Some of the basic work that is to be done by MBBS experts with full loyalty-

  • Transparent information provided to students about the universities and their educational structure.
  • Process the required documents to the respective university.
  • Helps in processing the visa application and bring the university letter to student.
  • Provide assistance in processing the insurance application.
  • Provides accommodation and Indian food facility to students in Poland.
  • Accompanying students on Departure with our trusted employee.
  • Pick-up is provided by us to the University.
  • Provides assistance in completing the formalities of university.
  • Helps in opening a bank account with the right bank.
  • Provides Guardianship to students for the complete tenure of education.
  • Keeps in touch with the parents and inform about educational and other related activities.
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