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Study Mbbs in Russia


According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Russia has the most educated population in the world, outperforming Canada, Japan, Israel and the USA. More than half of Russians have higher education qualification. More than 200,000 people from 168 countries come to study at Russian universities. MBBS in Russia signifies to be the best option for pursuing MBBS in abroad. Russia has become a favorite destination among medical education aspirants from India.

In the past 2.5 decade there has been a twenty fold substantial increase in number of international students travelling to pursue MBBS in Russia. All universities are recognized by World Health Organization & Medical Council of pre-eminent countries like U.S.A, U.K, Middle East, Australia, India, Canada etc.

As per the recent survey on study research 20 percentage of doctors practicing in India who has done their MBBS from Russia. Don’t give up on your dream to become a doctor. By virtue of Russia has emerged as MBBS hub and destination for most of the Indian students who wants to study MBBS IN RUSSIA.

Atmospheric Conditions and Advancements

Russia defines headway improvement in technology and medical needs. The climate of Russia comprises of monotony and the diversity type. Geographically vast expanses of the country show record extreme temperatures in summer at a sweltering 45oC to a freezing -70oC as well. Russia has always taken initiative as one of the most active countries working and gaining insight in space.

Flights from Delhi to Russia

More than 10 different Airlines plies between Delhi and Russia at different time intervals on daily routine basis from India. The airfares are decent and budget friendly. The fleet size of airplane is about 80 which consists include Boeing 767, Airbus 319, 320, 321 and Tupolev 154. It offers direct frequent flight from Russia to other destinations in entire world.

Beware of Fraudulent Agents and False Promises. Always try to get Right Information and Proper Counselling

Studying MBBS abroad is not an easy task. A lot of planning (financial and college-wise) has to be done before you embark on this journey.
Russia has emerged as a hot destination among Indian medical aspirants. The flow of students to Russia has increased so much so that unscrupulous elements have sensed an opportunity to cheat students and parents here!
It is not uncommon to see greedy agents and consultancies selling wrong promises to gullible parents and students. Some tactics that they employ are –

  • Pitching poor quality colleges as recognized ones
  • Overcharging fees
  • Lying about fees
  • Lying about medium of learning

Detailed Architecture – MBBS in Russia

Through this guide, we want to educate our readers and provide them with important details regarding MBBS program in Russia. Let’s start and roll about the entire MBBS process in Russia

Emergence of Russia an MBBS Hub

In India, MBBS is a very popular choice among PCB group students. Indian parents are very well known for their obsession with this course.
As a result, the number of medical aspirants is directly increasing with each passing year in India. There’s a huge gap between the number of medical seats and the number of aspirants vying for those seats.
In these circumstances, Russian MBBS colleges are a boon for these aspirants. The tuition fees charged by Russian medical colleges are relatively lower (than what it is in Indian Self-Financed College)
Russian Medical colleges have decent infrastructure, decent faculty and good curriculum. All these things make Russia an ideal alternative for Indian medical aspirants to study MBBS IN RUSSIA
The admission procedure followed by Russian Medical Colleges is bit relaxed, when compared to Indian Colleges. Competition out there is not as stiff as what it is in India.

Advantages of Pursuing MBBS in Russia

Relatively easy to get Admission

As we mentioned before, competition for medical seats in Russia is remarkably lower than what it is in India. As a result, it is relatively easy to get admission into these colleges.
It is not uncommon to see students with mediocre performance (in exams) in India managing to secure admission into Russian Medical Colleges.
With a decent academic score and help of a good overseas educational consultant, one may get admission into a Russian Medical college with relative ease.
‘Direct admission process’, without any entrance exam, is a major attraction that draws students from around the world to do MBBS IN RUSSIA.

Low Fees and Cost

This is the main reason why many Indian students maneuver to Russia for pursuing MBBS.
As we mentioned before, only Government Medical Colleges will help you pursue MBBS at low cost in India. And managing to get a Government college seat is not an easy task.
Self-Financed Medical colleges in India seek huge donation fees (not in all cases though) and tuition fees for admission. So Russia happens to be a good destination for those looking for low cost MBBS IN RUSSIA
The average tuition fees in Russia is 3-6 Lakhs per year. Tuition fees may vary from one college to another. Students and parents must also understand that other expenses are also involved – hostel, canteen, safety deposit etc.

Availability of Good Colleges and Faculty

Russia is home to some of the best Medical colleges in this world. But not all Russian Medical colleges are world-class though. Readers are supposed to check the background and reputation of a college before securing admission process through a proper education consultant.
What we are trying to pitch is that there are decent medical colleges in Russia. They have experienced faculty and good infrastructure. These colleges provide good residential facilities and an overall good staying experience.

Thriving Indian Student Community

Indian students have been going to Russia for medical education since early 2000s. But this trend became more prevalent in the recent times.
Approximately 2500-3000 Indian students immigrate to Russia for pursuing MBBS each year. It means that there’s a thriving Indian student community there!
College Fresher’s will find this community very helpful. It is a driving factor behind why Indian students prefer Russia over other countries.

Medium of Learning

In Russia, there are three main types of MBBS programs based on the medium of learning.

  • Fully English taught MBBS courses in Russia (In very few Russian MBBS colleges).
  • Fully Russian taught MBBS programs in Russia (All the Russian medical universities).
  • Bilingual programs (3 years in English and last 3 years in the Russian language in most of the universities)

Problems faced by Students during the course and stay process

Experience always matter. Based on our expertise we have found out the problems and issues which students undergo when they get influenced by fake agents to study MBBS IN Russia. Always seek proper guidance and get advice from trust worthy education consultants.

We have listed down below the problems faced by students

The agents show the tuition fees of the program based on Russian taught MBBS course. However, when you reach there, you realize that the university tuition fees charge for English-taught program would be higher. This would make your planned financial budget in trouble. PG MEDICA has decided to give you both the costs for all the universities so that you can easily compare it with the other agents and arrive at a proper decision.

Many of the agents try to fool you a by promoting a bilingual program as a fully English-taught program. You need to be very careful for this. You may get in touch with us for expert counselor to understand the options clearly.

The students should have MCI Screening Test coaching before they depart to study MBBS in Russia. Do not believe in future promise by the agents that the classroom coaching is available.

Many agents promote “Subsidized Fees” with the Russian Medical Universities .In this scheme, they ask the students to pay 6 years fees together with a discount.
PG MEDICA always warns there student that there is no such system by the university having “subsidized fees”. The amount would be kept by the agent and ultimately you would end us in trouble when they do not pay the fees to the university on your behalf to study MBBS in Russia.

MCI Screening Test coaching is not available in most of the Russian Medical Universities. Many agents influence the availability and even take the money. You must ensure that a MCI Screening Test / FMGE coaching module is made available to you before your departure. Imagine a situation that you chose a wrong university offering bilingual teaching. You did not get the FMGE coaching. The result would be absolutely disastrous.

Check MCI Passing Ratio

Indian Graduates with Russian Medical Degrees – What does the law say?

Indian students can seek medical qualification from any recognized medical education institution in Russia. To be able to practice in India after obtaining their degree abroad, the students are required to register with the State Medical Council (SMC). Further, SMCs register a student with foreign medical qualification only after he appears and gets through the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) conducted by the National Board of Examination (NBE). The FMGE is conducted twice a year in June & December and a candidate has to score a minimum of 50% marks in each of the papers to be declared passed. A candidate has a maximum of 3 attempts to pass the examination.

Advent of Right Counselling and how to select the merited university

  • Selection of the right university to study MBBS in Russia would be beneficial to the students if they get guidance only done by an Educational consultant, reason behind is we have vast rich experience in the field with reputed counsellors who practice student counselling with more than a decade of experience an as students can have a brief idea about some of the universities from sources of information, but a foreign education consultant can give you detailed information about globally accredited universities according to your profile to study MBBS in Russia.
  • Getting enrolled in the Russian university to study MBBS demands bunch of documents and go through several processes which are bothersome. Taking a help from professionals turns the cumbersome process into a smooth process.
  • Students are not able to get the details of the whole expense except fees, whereas the stretched experience of the consultant enables them to share financial estimation to study MBBS in Russia, including fees, living, travelling, food and all other essential expenses.
  • Perfect documentation is crucial to ensure visa in your pocket, it means students willing to study MBBS in Russia need to be very concessions towards documentation, which cannot be done perfectly without the help of an experienced person, who is a consultant.
  • Applying for the admission to study MBBS in Russia requires creating a strong and impressive profile under the guidance of experts, experts who are proficient in the allied field. Consultants help you with Recommendation Letters, Statement of Purpose, Resume and University Specific Documentation. Furthermore, guide you what not to write and what to write in SOP as per your profile and the university admission requirement to ensure your application acceptance to study MBBS in Russia.

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 passed with PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) subjects. Minimum aggregate marks criteria may exist. It’s usually around 50-60% aggregate marks.
Student must have completed 17 years of age at the time of admission

Selection of college on budget and grades

For this section we will be putting the college list provided by you and make pages for the same


We initiate and conduct webinars very frequently invited experts from India, Germany, Russia, China and USA to speak to the students and parents. You would get a greater insight meeting our CEO, Mr. Hussain personally to end your confusion and get an honest and clear guidance. He has an experience of counseling around 8,700 students through popular online seminars (webinars) of PG Medica and similar numbers of students and parents personally or in group counseling.

Benefits of English Taught MBBS Program in Russia

Maxim Khomyakov, vice rector for international relations at Ural Federal University, points out that English-taught programs give students access to a global community of their academic discipline.
He adds, English plays the same role as Latin or Greek in the ages past – a language of science, business and international communication – great added value to your degree.
Studying MBBS in English gives a head start. In today’s world, good knowledge of foreign languages, first of all English, is absolutely crucial for developing a successful professional career. To know the language sufficiently to use it in a professional context, it definitely helps to be immersed in a course delivered in that language. However, if you do study in Russia in English, you might still like to learn the basics of the Russian language to help you to integrate into local life and explore the country’s rich national culture in more depth. German and French are also common second languages in Russia, so it might also be helpful if you can speak one or both of these

Pragmatic Details


Comfortable accommodation choices are available in the country for international students. You can reside with a host family who is selected by the university. You can make a choice of college dormitories which can be booked at lower costs. If you want to live independently, you have the choice of living in an individual flat which are not far from the university. Nearly all accommodation options in the country are well equipped.


The public transport system in the country is highly developed. For long domestic travel, airways offer the best choice. Efficient train and bus service help you to travel within the country. You can travel at cheap rates in the bus. You can interchange bus tickets for trams and trolleybuses. You can order official taxis in advance. Services of the metro network are fast and frequent.


Russian food is rich in fat and carbohydrates. The Russian cuisine helps the inhabitants to remain warm during harsh winters. The main components of Russian cuisine are bread, meat, egg, potato and butter. Caviar is considered as food for the wealthy. Indian students can get the feel of home at the Indian restaurants in the country.


The total expenditure is estimated to be about US$ 34690, which might be subjected to increase or decrease as per the market exchange rates. This budget includes the application fee, hostel feel, tuition fee, health insurance, residential permit, food charges.
The degrees of Russian institutes have been recognized by international organizations like WHO and UNESCO. These degrees are valid in all major countries including USA. However, in countries like India, the candidate has to obtain an eligibility certificate before starting any practice. The procedure is simple and anyone can obtain the certificate. There are many countries that validate MBBS in Russia without any certification. Once the student has completed the course from a recognized institute or university, they can directly go on practice.

The students can directly enroll themselves in medical courses as the entrance exam is not mandatory.

Yes, the students enjoy the benefit of paying the fees semi-annually or annually.

No, the students have the option to choose English as the primary medium. All the courses are taught in English.

Yes, but the aspiring candidates have to apply for the transfer. The accepting university will conduct an exam to test the knowledge if the student. After the completion of the test, you can transfer to another university of your choice.

In order to validate a transfer, it is essential that the programs have been running in concurrence. Every university follows a specific procedure and guideline for the transfer process and students have to fulfil those conditions before applying for a transfer. The students are required to send the detailed information on the courses and subjects to the respective university.

Yes, the students must hold a visa for pursuing MBBS in Russia. The application of visa has to be submitted with the admission form to the respective university. The visa process is very simple and hassle free.

Yes, but this facility is available for only local students. The students coming from other countries can apply for loan in their own country. However, the Russian government runs a number of programs that offer financial assistance to the students. In order to apply for these courses, the student has to clear entrance test.

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