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Dagestan State Medical University


About University

Dagestan State Medical University was founded in the year 1932. This University is situated in the Makhachkala City which is the capital of Dagestan Republic. Makhachkala City is very well-built and picturesque modern city.
Since the University has started, it has trained over 25,000 specialists, 100 doctors of Sciences and 350 candidates of Science. The students who got graduated from here are now scientists, organizers of health protection and are working in the different countries.
At present, there are 5200 students in Dagestan State Medical University out of which 170 students are international students from 12 countries. There are 6 specialization courses in the University. The students are provided with both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
Over 83 years, this medical University has become a real school of medicine. The University has served over 27,000 successful doctors have been graduated from the University which includes 700 foreign students from different countries. This University is known for its strong educational background obtained at this higher educational institution.


Dagestan State Medical Institute has its unique history, glorious and good traditions, decades of experience in training and educating the specialists. All this gives it the right to be proud of its success and achievements in various medicine areas. In the history of the Medical Institute there inscribed the names of educators and scientists whose creative, scientific and pedagogical authority contributed to its formation and development, its transformation into a large scientific and medical center of the North Caucasus. Rightfully it takes its deserved place among the best Medical Universities of the Russian Federation.


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Fee Structure

1st Year Fees 2,21,000 22,750 78,000 3,21,750
2nd to 6th year Fees 2,21,000/year 22,750/year —– 2,43,750/year

Total Expense 15,40,000 INR (approx)

Facilities and Faculties

Annually more than 60 scientific innovations of our university staff workers are exhibited at various exhibitions. Since 2001, there has been fruitfully working the Internet classroom, whereby researchers, teachers and students can conduct scientific research.
Currently, scientific researches are being carried out at the University on 9 complex issues. In recent years, the number of defended theses has been increased and their quality has also been improved. During the specialized Council work, 166 theses, including 32 doctoral and 134 candidates were defended. Annually on the average 4 doctoral and 15 candidate theses are defended at the University.
At DSMU there a highly qualified teaching staff has been formed, which is characterized by high professionalism and dedication to their profession. It supports and develops the traditions established by the university old-stagers. There are 706 teachers working at the university, including 66 Professors, 179 Associate Professors, 418 Candidates of MedicalSciences, and 116 Doctors of Medical Sciences.


1. Faculty of Internal Medicine
2. Faculty of Stomatology
3. Faculty of Pediatrics
4. Faculty of Pharmaceutical
5. Faculty of Preparatory faculty for foreign Students
6. Faculty of Faculty for Foreign Students
Currently, more than 5,000 students study at the university, among them there are more than 100 foreign students from 12 countries. Over 1,700 doctors annually improve their skills at the Faculty of Advanced Medical.
During its progressive development, the university has become a multi-functional institution. There are 75 departments in the structure of DSMU, each of which cherishes the names of those who have written glorious pages in the history of the university. They built themselves no pyramids of copper and didn’t set bronze obelisks. Their inheritance has been contained in their works, books, and textbooks. The memory of them will remain forever.
Today, Dagestan State Medical University is a recognized innovative educational, scientific and cultural center of the region;it retains the best native traditions and enriches them with a new experience of the world educational and scientific space.

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