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People Friendship University

People Friendship University

About University

The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, also known as RUDN University, is an educational and research institution located in Moscow.
RUDN University was founded on 5th February, 1960 by the USSR Government. On 22nd February, 1961, the RUDN University was named after Patrice Lumumba — one of the symbols of the African peoples’ fight for independence. Students and academics could be free to pursue their learning, teaching, and research activities at , without being subject to political context, but firmly directed to the grand principles of friendship and mutual support.

Fee Structure

1st Year Fees 6,79,250 97,500 —– 7,76,750
2nd to 6th year Fees 6,17,500/year 97,500/year —– 7,15,000/year

Total Expense 43,51,000 INR (approx)


In 1960, Russian language studies for international students started at the preparatory Faculty. On 1st September, the Russian language studies were introduced at the six main RUDN Universityfaculties (Engineering faculty, faculty of History and philology, Medical faculty, Agricultural faculty, faculty of Science, faculty of Law and economics). The first 288 students from 47 countries graduated in 1965. The University started to expand. Generous donations from the Soviet Government enabled  RUDN University in 1966 to start the construction of a new campus in the South-Western district of Moscow.

By 1975, the University had more than 5600 graduates, among them 4250 people from 89 foreign countries. That year, the University was awarded the Peoples’ friendship Order for achievements in training experts for Asian, African and Latin America countries. The University’s name was changed to the RUDN University on 5th February, 1992 by the RF Government, which is considered the University’s founder.

To remain relevant and to compete academically and intellectually with other high-ranked international universities of Europe and Asia, RUDN throughout its history made connections with academic institutions and leading academic figures elsewhere in Eastern and Western Europe, and all over the world. What started out of necessity soon became a success strategy: RUDN currently maintains ca. 100 partnerships at the university-wide level, including academic exchange network and joint program-partnerships.

Today RUDN University is one of the leading state higher educational institutions of Russia. It is the only university in the world every year uniting students from 140 countries. The University has a multidisciplinary structure of faculties and majors, typical for classical universities of the world. More than 77 thousand graduates of the University work in 170 countries, among them more than 5500 holders of PhD and Doctorate degrees. Specialists are prepared in 62 majors and lines of study. More than 29 thousand graduate and postgraduate students from 140 countries are currently studying at the university. They represent more than 450 nations and nationalities of the world. The University is a renowned research center. It is a team of 4500 employees, among them 2826 highly qualified teachers. The University intellectual fund comprises more than 870 author’s invention certificates and 150 patents of the Russian Federation in practically all fields of University scientific research.

Many foreign and Russian political and public figures and outstanding scholars and scientists became RUDN University Emeritus Professors. Among them are presidents of Namibia, Angola, Sri Lanka and South African Republic, Gabon and Nigeria; prime-ministers of Bangladesh, Kazakhstan; UN Chief Executive Officer on Education, Culture and Science; Director of CEPES.


The main campus of PFUR is situated along Miklukho-Maklaya Street starting from Leninsky Prospect in the direction of Volgina Street. On the even-numbered side you can find: The main building of PFUR (called the “Cross”), buildings of the Faculties of Medicine and Agriculture, and also the sport complex, the polyclinic, the archives and the new building of the Faculty of the Russian Language and general educational disciplines, the building of natural sciences and humanitarian faculties hosting the Faculty of Humanitarian and Social Sciences, the Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism (IHBT), the Institute for International Programs (IIP), and the Institute of Supplementary Professional Education’s postgraduate department.

PFUR student campus is the winner of the “Best campus’ Moscow Mayor’s Prize. The university has also won the title “Best student hostel” at the all-Russia contest. The campus occupies 50 hectares of land near a large park and hosts 27 buildings, sport and medical faculties, hostels and shops.12 comfortable hostels have cozy rooms and well-occupied kitchens. There is a TV and Internet in every room. At the disposal of students are Laundromats, dry-cleaners, ateliers and beauty salons. All buildings are a walking distance form each other.

The students’ campus is situated in the South – West of Moscow city, and it is one of the best places for living and studies. The Hostels are situated in 5-storey and 16-storey buildings offering double and triple bedded self-contained rooms, including water and electricity expenses, furniture, cooking and washing facilities. The rooms have connections to the internet, satellite TV and telephone. The students are organized in students’ councils, in charge of discipline, social education and support of their rights.

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