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Perm State Medical University

Perm State Medical University

About University

Perm State Medical University is titled after Academician EA Wagner. It is recognized by a significant scientific center which is recognized for higher medical education and scientific research. PSMU is one of the leading medical universities of Russia. There is a staff of 569 highly-qualified lecturers, candidate of medical sciences. In the staff, there are the laureates of the State Prize, Honored Scientist of Russia, Honored Worker of Higher School, honored doctors of Russia, winners of the regional awards of outstanding scientists of the Perm region of Professor PA Yasnitsky, holders of diplomas Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the fellows of state scientific scholarships to outstanding scientists and talented young scientists of Russia, fellows of the Perm region. 87.7% of the faculty members have a medical degree. This is the highest among the medical universities of the country and among the universities of Perm region.
Every year, the university is leading in the utility models and in the number of patents for inventions among HEI (Higher Education Institution) of the region. In health and education of the Perm region, Higher Education Institution plays an important role in the fulfillment of national projects.
There are modern computer classes, electronic reading room, and a center of practical skills and abilities in the University. The University also offers distance learning course for international students. Later, in the year 2014, the Academy assigned the status of University.

Fee Structure

1st Year Fees
2nd to 6th year Fees /year /year /year /year

Total Expense 00,00,000 INR (approx)


Perm State Medical University was established on October 14, 1916 in the Perm city of Russia. Perm State Medical University is one of oldest and biggest universities of Russia. The university was started as a medical faculty of Perm State University in the year 1916. During the initial years after establishment, this facility was a part of physics and mathematics faculty and then in 1917, it became an independent department of the medical faculty.
In February 1931, the academy was named as the Perm Medical institute and later in 1994; the name of the institute was changed to Perm State Medical Academy by the orders of State Committee of Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Perm State Medical Academy became a member of the European Association of Medical Schools in Europe in 1997.
Perm State Medical University holds the largest number of patents for inventions and utility models among all the medical institutions of the state. There are more than 500 employees working in PSMU including named scientists, professors and lecturers. More than 85% of full-time faculty members of PSMU hold a degree from the reputed universities. The scientists working in PSMU actively participate in various experiments and projects to contribute to the medical field by resolving the medical and scientific issues in the fields of cardiology, pediatrics, surgery, neurology, dentistry, epidemiology and other areas.
At present, the students from more than 21 countries are studying MBBS from Perm State Medical University. The medical students are provided training in various programs of pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate education. The students studying MBBS in Perm State Medical University also actively participate in various scientific seminars, projects and conferences held other universities.
The university has maintained good relations with many universities across the globe. Student exchange programs are also offered to the students studying MBBS and other medical courses from Perm State Medical University.
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Perm State Medical University is ranked among the top medical universities of the world. Perm State Medical University offers many graduates, under graduate and post graduate programs like MBBS, MD etc. to local as well as international students.
The university educational currently involves 12 faculties and each faculty has several programmes for Bachelors and Masters. There are a total 80 departments, including 2 common: of pedagogy and physical training. These departments are not only responsible for theoretical education but also for the postgraduate studies and research work of the staff.
The faculties available in Perm State Medical University are listed below:
1. Faculty of Medicine
2. Faculty of Pediatrics
3. Faculty of Dentistry
4. Medico-prophylactic faculty
5. Faculty of Psychology and Social Work and Higher Nursing Education
6. Faculty of additional professional education
7. Faculty of pre-university education and targeted training
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The campus of the University is the winner of the “Best campus’Moscow Mayor’s Prize”. In the all-Russia contest, the University has won the title of “Best student hostel”. The campus has 50 hectares of land near a large park. It has 27 buildings, sport and medical facilities, hostels and shops. Out of these, 12 hostels have comfortable and cozy rooms with attached kitchens. There is a television and the internet access in each room. There are other facilities provided for students such as dry-cleaners, beauty salons, etc.
With that, there are various sports activities in the University. The University itself has rooms for gymnastics, handball, basketball, and football grounds. There are tennis courts and pools in all the buildings. The University campus has an international post office, a shopping center, an international student cultural center, a computer center, a telephone center, and some amazing restaurants that has national cuisine of the different countries.
The boundaries of the University are fully fenced. There is an electronic gate pass system that is strictly maintained for everyone. The visitors can enter only after they show their identity identifications. Fire Prevention System is there within the premises of the University.
Direct Admission for MBBS in Russia is now available in Perm State Medical University.

Campus Life

Perm State Medical University offers a healthy and multi cultural environment. All the basic facilities are provided to the students studying MBBS, MD and other courses at Perm State Medical University. Many cultural events are held every year in which students from different countries participate and get along with each other.
Perm State Medical University has won the Moscow Mayor’s prize for the best campus in the area. The university is also a proud winner of the title “Best student hostel” at the all-Russia contest held among all the Russian medical universities. The campus of the university is spread over the area of 50 hectares of land near a large park and consists of 27 buildings; sport and medical faculties, hostels and shops. 12 comfortable hostels have cosy rooms and well-occupied kitchens.
The hostel rooms are well equipped with all the necessary equipments and facilities like TV, Internet service, air conditioning etc. The hostels have other facilities including Laundromats, dry-cleaners, ateliers and beauty salons. The campus is protected with well controlled security system.
Many activity centres are available in the PSMU campus including a gym, handball, basketball, tennis and football grounds etc. The university has a large library with a large volume of books and reading material. International students are provided with all the basic amenities such as an International post-office, a telephone centre, a shopping centre, good quality restaurants offering dishes of different cuisines.
The accommodation in Perm State Medical University is quite affordable as compared to the medical universities of other countries. The quality of infrastructure used in the university and hostels is world class. Proper check is done on the hygiene conditions in the kitchens of the hostel. In all, the life as a student in Perm State Medical University is very healthy and comfortable.
Every student has the opportunity to take part in any sports activities. If student is not interested in outdoor activities, there is a sports hall in the grounds of the university. Students can play basketball, volleyball, and badminton, or enjoy aerobics, athletics, or martial arts training. All activities are led by professionals.
Sports Competitions take place year-round in the university.
Students’ Culture Palace
Perm State Medical University students have access to University’s ‘culture palace’ named ‘Academia’. There is a great range of cultural events and performances based in the culture palace.
Campus life at Perm State Medical University has something to offer to everyone, no matter what your interest.
Student life at the Perm State Medical University is friendly and has multiple interesting possibilities, and can be quite enjoyable.


Perm State Medical University provides high quality accommodation for the students pursuing MBBS and other degrees. The hostel is very close to the college campus. The students are provided with fully furnished rooms on sharing basis. There are around 7 hostels in the PSU campus. The hostels have their own kitchens, laundry rooms, rooms for study and training sessions, recreation rooms, gym etc. The complete hostel complex is equipped with internet access.
Perm State Medical University aims at providing maximum comfort to the students. The hostel rooms are designed such as 2-3 students can share one room. The rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and centralized heating system. The location of the hostels is very near to the centre of the city. The local markets and other amenities are easily accessible to the students.
The quality of the meals provided in the hostel mess is very good. Special check is done on regular intervals to check the hygienic conditions in the kitchens. Medical care facility is available 24 hours in the hostels. The hostels are well maintained with proper cleaning staff. The security system is also very good having 24 hours security guards. In all, the hostels in Perm State Medical University meet all the requirements to provide a happy and healthy life to a student.

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