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Rostov State Medical University


About University

Rostov State Medical University is a Russia Government University of higher professional education and ministry on health and social medicine. Rostov State Medical University also known as Rostov State Medical Institute; RostSMU; RostGMU; Rostov State Government Medical University.


In 1915, the Division of Medicine at the Russian Warsaw University was moved to Rostov on Don and that gave rise to the present day Rostov State Medical University. It was initially formed as a department and later transformed into a medical Institute in 1930. There were about 295 graduating doctors in the first graduating class of the newly formed school.
In college annually trains over 5000 students and 7000 students – the faculty training and professional retraining of specialists, each year more than 650 people trained in the internship, residency, the graduate school. The university operates the coordinating council for additional post-graduate professional education of the Southern Federal District. In college widely used modern educational technology, including computer. The University has its own clinic, which has 1000 beds, and apart from this has its bases in the largest city hospitals also, which enables the students to acquire sound practical knowledge and skills. University buildings and clinics are provided with up-to-date equipment, and other modern appliances. There are 63 departments, 27 of them are clinical based in the best clinics of the city, more than 150 research and educational institutions function in Rost SMU.


The Rostov State Medical University is the largest basic training and research center in Southern Russia. Over the 85 years of its existence it has become a diversified complex with 10 departments, Medical College, Military Training Center and its own Clinic.
Leading and advanced doctors of our country have formed on the basis of the Rostov State Medical University their major scientific schools, headed by the Honored Workers of Science, Employees of high school, Honored Doctors, Honored Workers of Health and Culture, as well as world-renown scientists.
Today in the Rostov State Medical University operate 92 departments, the youngest of them is the Department of Medical Law. More than six hundred teachers are constantly working introducing innovations and interactive forms of learning. Among them there are more than 119 Doctors of Science, professors and about 350 PhDs. The academicians and professors who are working at our University now continue to develop the best traditions of their predecessors.

Fee Structure

1st Year Fees 2,21,000 22,750 78,000 3,21,750
2nd to 6th year Fees 2,21,000/year 22,750/year —– 2,43,750/year

Total Expense 15,40,000 INR (approx)


The system of Supplementary Education is divided into several categories. At the University there are training programs for doctors and medical organizations from all over the South of Russia. Every year about 8000 doctors are retraining on the Faculty Training, more than 1000 interns and residents — at the Faculty of Professional Retraining. In addition, the University has a Preparatory Faculty on Training Foreign Citizens, because the Rostov State Medical University is an international medical school that trains representatives of more than a hundred nationalities and ethnic groups from all over the world.
The scientific work is organized and coordinated by the scientific and research activity and is implemented into the departments and courses. The Central Scientific Research Laboratory (CSRL) functions effectively, where a wide range of biochemical, molecular-genetic, morphological, microbiological studies are carrying out. We have The Scientific and Research Institute of Immunology and we are planning to have The Scientific and Research Institute of Urology and Neurology. The scientific research is done in 5 basic scientific directions: medical-biological problems; ecological-hygienic problems (environmental and health) of public health protection; scientific and organizational work for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of women, mothers and children’s major diseases; scientific and organizational work for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases; scientific and organizational work for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major internal diseases.

Clinical Features

Medical University Clinic – multidisciplinary facility that is well placed to-date diagnostic studies and high level of effective consultative and specialized diagnostic and medical care to the population of the Rostov Region and other areas of the Southern Federal District and the Russian Federation, it is also the largest training base, which has optimal conditions for Teaching and Learning process with the use of progressive forms and methods of training, the latest achievements of medical science. The clinic institute future doctors are able to acquire the necessary skills and get acquainted with the most modern medical equipment.
The Clinic of our University is a multi-field medical institution, which has wide opportunities of modern diagnostic studies and a high level of effective specialized consultative, diagnostic and medical care to the population of the Rostov Region and other territories of the Southern Federal District and the Russian Federation. It is also the largest training base, which has all conditions for educational process using the advanced forms and methods of training and modern achievements in medical science. In the Clinic the students acquire the necessary skills and get acquainted with the most modern medical equipment.
The Clinic of Rostov MU includes 20 inpatient units with 675 beds (including 125 day care beds), 2 Departments of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, Consultative Outpatient Department, a Dental Department, Medical Center, Сenter of Medical Ophthalmology, 13 medical-diagnostic subdivisions, Blood Technology Center. Today the clinic staff consists of353 physicians, including 11 professors, 28 Doctors of Medical Science and 52 PhDs; more than 30 employees of the university are the main external specialists and experts of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in the Southern Federal District, the Ministry of Health of the Rostov region and the Municipal Council «Health Management in Rostov-on-Don».
In recent years the growth of RostSMU conducted the centralization and automation of many diagnostic and treatment units, which allowed concentrating and making rational use of personnel, medical equipment, improving the quality of each structural unit and a technology of continuous treatment and diagnostic process.


Rostov Medical University provides you with the best halls of residence experience on campus in hostel buildings. The accommodation is a popular choice with international students as it is conveniently located in the campus and within 10-15 minutes’ walk of most shops, canteens, and teaching buildings.
Hostels are comfortable and safe, similar to what you might expect to find at a US or UK universities. Smoking is not permitted in the accommodation .
The InternationalStudentBuilding is located on campus and accommodation is offered as twin bedrooms with an en-suite shower room, TV, and internet access. You will share laundry facilities with students on your floor within the accommodation.
The accommodation is fully furnished and offers modern facilities, a healthy study environment and easily accessible campus facilities. There are also relaxation areas throughout the campus for your enjoyment.
All rooms are equipped with bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, heater, water heaters and suitable lighting for both study and relaxation. There are common areas where students can play and mingle. Upon the students arrival on campus, specific accommodations are assigned and after a satisfactory health report the student will be accommodated to the room which is allotted to him.

Campus Accommodation

All State Universities of Russia provide hostel accommodation to their students, the admission into any RussianStateUniversity provides a guarantee of accommodation placement services to all international students who receive an academic offer. There are several accommodation options for international students and it is important to consider whether you prefer an independent lifestyle or enjoy living in a community. Rooms of the hostel are fully furnished.
Rooms on campus are available to students. All hostel rooms are furnished and vary in size and number of conveniences. Dormitory rooms at any RussianStateUniversity hostel can accommodate 2 or 3 students to a room.
Living on campus gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in campus life, allows you to meet other international students and make friends from all over the world.

Rostov State Medical University – is

» Descendant of the Russian Imperial University of Warsaw, the focus of the preservation of Russian culture and intelligence.
» An international university, which trains more than 100 nationalities and ethnic groups;
» System of training students, nurses, laboratory technicians, paramedics, doctors, pharmacists, managers, graduate students, doctoral students;
» The system of continuous training at the pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate stages;
» Preparation of domestic and foreign nationals in the field:
• Faculty of General Medicine
• Faculty of Dentistry;
• Faculty of Pediatrics;
• Faculty of Pharmacy;
• Faculty of Medico-prophylactics;
• Faculty of International Students
• Faculty of Postgraduate and Continuous Education;
• Faculty of Armed Force Medicine;
• Faculty of English Sector

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