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Study Mbbs in Ukraine

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Ukraine is prominently known for its MBBS education at low tuition fee. MBBS Admission in Ukraine: 2018 is open now for Indian medical students who wish to pursue MBBS in Ukraine.

MBBS in Ukraine is low cost and now the admissions are started for 2018 session. Many students are opting to do MBBS in Abroad as the low-cost fees and better infrastructure attracts them. In India, there is high-level competition which is a great hurdle for students who are just average. The admission here is a simple process and you can the benefit of the weather.

Advantages of MBBS in UKRAINE

Its a simplified process, as there is no capitation fees and the tuition fees is quite low. You have to pay just 1/10th of the fees which you are paying in India. Ukraine has three types of universities that include state, national and private. National level universities are funded by government and offer quality education with world-class infrastructure. Moreover, Ukraine follows the English language as the medium of instruction and the staff members are well versed in the language to make it easier for the Indian students to learn. Another factor that contributes to Ukraine being a preferred destination for MBBS is the fact that there are virtually no unscrupulous practices in the education industry which signifies, you will not be required to pay the donation for MBBS admission in Ukraine. But most importantly, the standards of education offered by Ukraine are one of the best in the world with more practical exposure and vast curriculum. Study MBBS in Ukraine is commendable as the faculties pay equal attention to each student.

Benefits of studying MBBS in UKRAINE.

  • Best and Affordable European Quality Education
  • Globally Recognized Courses (WHO, MCI, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL, etc.)
  • Ukraine is one of the member country of Bologna process. So degrees obtained from Ukraine is valid in any European country ( except Britain ) directly.
  • English Medium of Instruction plus 25% of the people in Ukraine understand and can speak in English.
  • Any student studying in Ukraine for 3 consecutive years can get confirmed visa for any European country plus USA and Canada. So much better Job Prospects if you study in Ukraine.
  • No IELTS and TOEFL required.
  • Bilateral Student Exchange Program with Universities in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Poland etc.


In 2016 more than 300000 students appeared for NEET. Just to qualify 63,000 seats all over India. This high level of competition has lower down the morale of students, so they are opting for more options like studying abroad. Since NEET is the compulsory exam for MBBS in Indian government colleges, the private institutes have seized the opportunity to increase their tuition fees. As a result, many middle-class families find it hard to afford the exorbitantly expensive MBBS education for their children. The only option that seems possible and strangely affordable is to study MBBS in foreign countries. This is one of the most common reasons why students are opting for MBBS abroad. Some other reasons that made Indian students to find MBBS course worthy outside India. Those are-

MCI Recognized medical universities for MBBS in Ukraine: Countries, such as Nepal, Ukraine, China, Georgia, Germany, Russia, Philippines, United States etc. are offering MBBS courses to international students. More than 50% of medical colleges in these countries are recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) which allows students to practice in India after completion of their medical course by getting at least 50% in MCI screening test. Indian students who study in MCI approved colleges abroad have more chances to get success in MCI screening test.

Affordable education in Ukraine:- The education here is quite affordable. There is no capitation fees and the tuition fees is also less as compared to private medical colleges in India.

Access to World Class Facilities during MBBS in Ukraine: MBBS in foreign countries allow a complete access to meet cross-cultural patients to gain a deeper knowledge of healthcare system. Needless to say, they also gain tremendous exposure to world-class facilities that may or may not be available in India.

Low living cost in Ukraine:- Most of the students are from middle-class. And they cannot afford a high expensive living style. The cost of living is really low here.

MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students fee structure: MBBS universities outside India have the state-of-art infrastructure, classrooms are well-equipped with the latest technologies and use sophisticated audio-visual aids to facilitate learning. The medical colleges abroad are also equipped with exhaustive libraries, with enough course-related material which is all time available for students. These campuses also hold modern laboratories to carry out research work and other related activities. At the same time, students studying MBBS in Abroad can get their hands on advanced equipment to get practical training.

Indian Ecosystem: Sometimes MBBS in other countries invite Indian faculty to teach the students. This gives them the comfort zone of learning from someone closer to their tradition and culture. In some cases, these colleges even go the extra mile in making the curriculum somewhat similar to the one followed by their Indian counterparts. Since a high number of Indian students are considering MBBS in Abroad.



Kharkiv National Medical University was established in 1805 and is known for offering best undergraduate and postgraduate MBBS degrees in Ukraine. The alumni of the program MBBS in Ukraine from Kharkiv are now placed as renowned scientists and doctors, practicing medicines at various medical institutions across the world. The university is ranked 26th in Ukraine and also owns a spot in UNESCO’s top 200 list.

The faculty at Kharkiv National Medical University are highly qualified and holds years of experience in teaching in the medical domain. The students are made to take practical training, in combination with classroom learning. The teachers encourage application-based study to give them more hands-on experience. Apart from that, the students at Kharkiv enjoy exceptionally well-managed hostel system with fully-furnished rooms and recreation center. There are also a number of food outlets in and around the hostel complex that caters to students of all nationalities.



Donetsk National Medical University (DNMU) is among the largest and the best medical universities for MBBS in Ukraine. It was formerly sited in Donetsk but relocated in 2014 to Lyman.

The DNMU was established as a Medical Institute named after M. Gorky Donetsk in 1930 and gained the University status in 1994 as well as recognized as National Medical University in 2004 (DonNMU). The universal ranking of DNMU 3003 among 11,000 colleges and universities across the globe.

The various faculties of Donetsk National Medical University are

  • Medicine Faculty
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Nursing Faculty
  • Public Health Faculty
  • Post-Graduate Education
  • Faculty of Preparatory Department

The DNMU provides training for medical programs in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages in every faculty. There are more than 1200 academic staffs at DNMU including around 200 professors and 300 Associate Professors.

The rector of the university is Prof. Dumanskiy Yuriy Vacilivich and the location of the university is Lyman, Ukraine. The university possesses over 4200 students across the globe.



The Odessa National Medical University is a public university, located in Odessa, Ukraine. The university was established in 1900 as the medical department of the Odessa State Medical University and the rector of the university is V.N. Zaporozhan.

Due to its sophisticated teaching methodology, the medical department shortly made its presence among the most influential medical schools in Russia. Several renowned scientists, doctors, professor and Nobel laureate worked here.

There are more than 40 medical departments at the Odessa National Medical University, situated at different 63 prophylactic and medical schools in Odessa and its region. The university offers medical programs in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. The ranking of Odessa State Medical University is 6915.


Ivano Frankisvk is one of the best and the oldest MBBS universities in Ukraine. It has also been listed amongst the top medical colleges in WHO directory. The university has been imparting unparalleled knowledge in the field of medicine for more than seven decades.

Study MBBS in Ivano Frankisvk, you can rest assured that the teaching methods adopted will not only be high-end but also facilitated by qualified faculty with years of teaching experience under their belt. The institute is among st the best in Ukraine because it pays equal emphasis on theoretical and practical knowledge. The programs taught in Ivano Frankisvk are approved by Ministry of Education & Science. The degrees awarded by the institute are also legitimized by Ministry of Health in Ukraine.

The best feature that attracts international students for Ivano Frankisvk is the excellent accommodation provisions for students. The hostel complex is built with modern infrastructure and is fitted with modern amenities. There is also gym and tennis court facility in the complex.



The university has been in operation for more than two centuries, Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University was founded in 1784. It is the oldest and the largest medical university in MBBS in Ukraine. It is not only a member of International & European Association of Universities but also listed in the WHO directory. It ranks 2nd in Ukraine as per a Scopus survey conducted in 2010.

The students who come to study MBBS in Ukraine will find that Danylo has an impressive track record and an unequaled system in place that comprises of highly-qualified 88 professors teaching more than 4000 medical students. The university consists of a well-stocked library with more than 50,000 volumes of related books, medical literature, and manuals. There is also a fully equipped computer lab that is connected with scientific city library. Hostel provision by the university offers fully air-conditioned rooms with a cafeteria that serves all kinds of food options.



The famous medical institution is located in Ukraine’s Kyiv and has been named after a famous physiologist, Alexander Bogomolets. Many students consider studying MBBS at Bogomolets that welcomes international applicants. From over 10,000 students in the university, 13% are foreigners. Even the faculty present at the university is 1200+ strong that gives an effective student to teacher ratio.



This esteemed university is located in Sumy Oblast region in Ukraine’s Sloboda. The Sumy State University is one of the finest universities for medical studies in Ukraine. It has also earned the honor of being the 6th best university in Ukraine in 2012.


Here is the list of colleges in Ukraine that have been approved by Medical Council of India (MCI).

Sr.no University Name Country Name
1 Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University Ukraine
2 Ivano Frankisvk National Medical University Ukraine
3 Kharkiv National Medical University Ukraine
4 Donetsk State Medical University Ukraine
5 O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University Ukraine
6 Odessa National Medical University Ukraine
7 Sumy State University Ukraine


The generic tuition fee to study MBBS in Ukraine is $4000 per annum. Cost of living can be approximately $700 annually and the medical insurance costs roughly $300 per year. Apart from that, students have to undertake a mandatory medical check-up that can cost up to $200. Another expense that is borne by the students is registration and admission fee that costs around $100.

MBBS in Sumy State University USD 32,600 (INR 21,19,000 approx.)
MBBS in Bogomolets National Medical University USD 34,300 (INR 22,29,500 approx.)
MBBS in Odessa National Medical University USD 29,800 (INR 17,88,000 approx.)
MBBS in Ivano Frankisvk National Medical University USD 28,400 (INR 18,85,000 approx.)
MBBS in Kharkiv National Medical University USD 32,200 (INR 19,32,000 approx.)
MBBS in Donetsk State Medical University USD 28,600 (INR 17,16,000 approx.)
MBBS in Kharkiv National Medical University USD 38,340 (INR 24,92,000 approx.)

Disadvantages of doing MBBS in Ukraine

The main disadvantage is that you have to seek an agent’s help to get an admission in any university. You have to make sure that the agent is genuine and not a person who is just there to make money from you.

More than 10,000 students apply each year so the visa process becomes very unstable. As how many applicants could get it. So its very necessary that you hire a good consultant before going through the whole process.

The weather there is very cold in winters that makes difficult for Indians to adapt themselves.


MBBS in Ukraine is becoming popular for Indian students because it is easy to get the admission and get access to world-class education provided by colleges. Unlike in India, they are not required to sit for any pre-qualification exams for MBBS in Ukraine. The requirements to study MBBS in Ukraine are quite easy as compared to other countries. Let us see the basic eligibility criteria to seek admission in Ukraine for MBBS program.

  • A student should be minimum 17 years on or before 31st Dec of the year of admission in Ukraine.
  • Minimum aggregate of 50% marks is required in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in class 12th.
  • Fetching Good marks is compulsory in the English language.
University Eligibility Language
Odessa National Medical University 60% PCB English
Donetsk State Medical University 50% PCB English
Kharkiv National Medical University 50% PCB English


  • Medical Council of India(MCI)
  • United Nations Organization(UNO)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • International Association of Universities(IAU)
  • World Federation of medical education(WFME)
  • Association of medical education of Europe(AMEE)
  • International Education Society(IES)
  • International Education Society (IES, London)
  • European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), etc.
  • European Universities Association (EUA)
  • European Association for International Education(EAIE)


The MBBS in Ukraine is divided into the following 5 categories:

  • Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Post Graduate Level
  • General Medicine
  • Pharmacy

Admission process for MBBS in Ukraine

The admission process is quite simple there. There is no entrance test there. You should have only 50% marks in class 12th. With PCB subjects. To successfully join MBBS program in Ukraine, it is essential that the visa process concludes smoothly. To ensure that it happens, the applicants should consult Ukrainian embassy for accurate information. You would be required to furnish original invitation letter from the MBBS School in Ukraine, a valid passport, transcripts for higher secondary and senior secondary, as well as the certificates validating your marks in class 10th and 12th. You would also need to provide your birth certificate translated in Ukrainian language and health certificate stating clearance of AIDS & HIV.


  • Students must submit the requisite documents and wait for at least month to get assured admission.
  • The application must be submitted within the deadline to ensure all the subsequent steps in the MBBS admission process can be fulfilled in a timely manner.
  • TOEFL or IELTS is not mandatory for MBBS in Ukraine.
  • The applicant must be at least 17 years of age, on or before 31st December of the year of admission
  • The students must have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as core subjects in their senior secondary.
  • Minimum 50% marks in 12th standard are mandatory.


  • Passport with Minimum 2-year validity
  • 10th certificate
  • 12th Certificate & Mark sheet
  • Birth Certificate in Hindi/English
  • Passport Size photo – 20
  • School Transfer Certificate
  • Official Invitation Letter from the University of Ukraine
  • Medical Insurance
  • Health Documents
  • Translation of All Documents in the Ukrainian Language
  • Authentication of All Documents by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi
  • Authentication of All Documents by Ministry of Education, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Ukraine Visa Stamp
  • Note: All the documents require 4 sets photocopied and attested.

Scholarship opportunities during MBBS in Ukraine

The tuition fee for all the medical universities in Ukraine is affordable for Indian students that have already been subsidized to up to 40%. However, exceptionally bright students who have limited financial means can seek monetary aid from Ukrainian medical study center to study MBBS in Ukraine. Universities offer full annual scholarship from second year onward to capable students. These scholarships are completely merit-based and can vary from student to student. The students can also choose to self-fund their education by working part-time or full-time, without compromising their education. Consult our skilled experts to give you free information about scholarship opportunities for MBBS in Ukraine.


The MBBS students studying MBBS in Ukraine or elsewhere can avail exclusive coaching offered by mbbsexperts.com consultants to prepare you for MCI or FMGE screening test. Only those Indian doctors are allowed to practice in India that successfully clear the FMGE/MCI test from recognized universities abroad. We provide MCI test coaching to all students across every subject as advised by the MCI. Since it can be difficult to gain perspective on Indian study and be prepared for nineteen subjects upon return, many students prefer to take their MCI coaching simultaneously with their MBBS in a foreign country. By taking the right decision at the right time can help you keep the momentum alive and move on to the next level without losing time in between transition phases.


  • The non-competitive exam include MBBS syllabus only.
  • The test paper consists of 3 sections
  • The pattern is Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
  • Students must obtain 50% to qualify for the test
  • The test is conducted in June & December annually
  • Students can sit for the unlimited number of attempts

You can talk to our education experts to know more about the available packages for our Indian students. We provide online study material, video lectures and lots more, helping the students prepare for the MCI screening test.


Visa invitation is mandatory for each and every Indian applicant applying for MBBS in Ukraine. This official document is a confirmation that the student has been taken in by a particular university mentioned in the invitation letter and is processed by Ministry of External Affair of Ukraine’s Department of passport & visa services. It is on the basis of the invitation and other important documents; Ukrainian embassy will issue Student Visa stamp on your passport. The entire process can take up to 10 days to get the visa and the letter is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. The students have to begin the visa formalities with the Ukrainian Embassy within this time period.


The students seeking to study MBBS in Ukraine can apply for their student visa in Ukraine Embassy in Delhi. The visa is ideally applied between July 15th and October 10th to get the stamp in time for course commencement. The students will be required to appear for a personal interview (as of 24/04/2017), if:

  • You have a long gap between your upcoming MBBS study and 10+2
  • Students with fewer marks in certain subjects, such as English

The processing time is up to 60 days from the date of application. For outstation students, if called for the interview, they will be required to stay in Delhi for up to 5 days to finish the visa formalities.


MBBS in Ukraine is a 6-year course that includes practical training in its curriculum. First, three years of the course involves pre-clinical study during MBBS in Ukraine. The last three years include a clinical section where the students get an opportunity to interact with patients, and that too in their local language.

After completion of the course, students are conferred with MD Physician degree that is equivalent to MBBS degree in India.

Ukraine’s university is 4th in rank for having the highest number of post-graduates in the field of medicine. Ukraine boasts of top Government medical colleges that offer not just MBBS, but also MD and other professional degrees to local as well as international students from all across the globe. Medical universities in Ukraine are preferred by so many international students because they are accredited by esteemed organizations such as UNESCO and WHO.

Here are some reasons why many international students prefer MBBS degree from Ukraine:

The quality of infrastructure and education is unparalleled in Ukraine medical colleges.

  • Students can always trust Ukrainian government to only improve the standards of education and enhance research facilities in the country.
  • MBBS in Ukraine comes at a subsidized rate and the living costs are also significantly lower than other parts of Europe.
  • Students are not required to pay any donation to secure MBBS admission in Ukraine
  • Students enjoy plenty of recreational activities to maintain work-life balance necessary to enhance learning and quality of life
  • The students can enjoy enhanced exposure to international platforms by way of seminars and conferences.

Facilities provided by us for MBBS in Ukraine

We make students aware of everything regarding the higher education in Ukraine and provide great consulting support right from the beginning till the completion of your MBBS course in Ukraine

PG Medica are the pioneers in MBBS education. We offer great assistant to Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad and all medical aspirants, as we understand the need of students and their parents to get the best career orientation, we totally provide assistance according to their convenience

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