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PGMedica Overseas is the No. 1 MBBS abroad portal in India. We have been working for the recruitment of students for over a period of eight years and providing them various career choices through quality education.

Through honest and authentic information, we have successfully recruited more than 1000 students for MBBS abroad until now. We recruit around 200 students for abroad MBBS programs annually. We have a lot of experience and many partners already working with us.

If you are also passionate about spreading quality education irrespective of financial or academic strengths, grow with us! Fill the form given below. To know more and clear your doubts, you can call us at +91-9731604505.


Why work with PGMedica Overseas?

Support for Admission Process

  1. After finalizing the admission at a university, we provide the admission letter to the student.
  2. The attestations, translations and all the other documentation procedures are also done at our office maintaining complete confidentiality.
  3. After the finalization of documentation, we apply for the Visa processing and eventually, collect it from the Embassy.
  4. We always send our students in groups so that they don’t feel alone. Sending students collectively helps maintaining and also boosting their confidence.
  5. After reaching the study destination, we also arrange for the student pickup at the airport.
  6. We also help students with the issuance of a SIM card for them.
  7. We provide local support and complete assistance after reaching the destination by finalizing the visa process.

Support for Channel Partners

  1. We give the latest information about various university programs, courses, tuition and hostel fee structures, admissions processes, etc for the right counseling of potential students.
  2. We also arrange for the printed material required for marketing, if required. If not, we provide complete guidance to our channel partners for marketing in order to attract more and more students. We believe that success is all about guidance in the right direction.
  3. We allocate reference of students already studying abroad recruited by us.
  4. Through our local support, we provide complete and all-time guidance to the student until he/she turns out to be a medical graduate.
  5. Most importantly, whenever a seminar is arranged by our channel partners, we gain more student support by inviting the university delegates in India. We also provide arrangements for their visits.

In a nutshell, we aim for full support, complete assistance and excellent services.