PGmedica Overseas providing scholarship up to 40%. Also we are providing Tab for students with E-Book to prepare MCI Screening Exam. Support application throughout MBBS for your instant solution.



Through group counseling sessions in form of seminars, we aim to entail more than merely helping students choose the best career for them. Our main motive is to guide our MBBS aspirants on the right path so that they become motivated to work hard to achieve their goals. Our seminars are held by expert counselors who give valuable advice on students’ medical career. We also try to impart as much knowledge about MBBS in abroad as possible so that before even joining the college, students have a basic idea of the curriculum, norms, teaching patterns and a lot more.


We also do online counseling of our students in form of webinars just in case they are physically unavailable. We share screens with our online audience and give them a basic idea about MBBS in abroad through PowerPoint Slideshows.