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MBBS in China – Change Your Life. Start Here.

Worship of God through service to mankind.

China has gained expertise in its traditional medicine and allow students to pursue MBBS in China at a very low tuition fee and has opened its application for MBBS in China 2018.

China, world’s largest populated country, gives a tremendous significance to medicine by putting technology in medical science. Being, strongest economy worldwide, China has medical universities among which some of them represent best Medical University Abroad. Medical universities in China offers the graduate degree as bachelor of surgery and bachelor of medicine. Five years of studying MBBS syllabus in China made students expertise and a successful certified physician.

China has MCI Approved Medical Colleges which are also accredited by various international medical councils, known for their best education. Chinese medical association is one of the oldest non-governmental medical association in China established by medical professionals aiming to maintain medical ethics and uphold social integrity. The association later results in the nation’s largest contribution to the medical education in China, medical exchanges, and training. Choosing china for an advanced medical career is a wise option for those who aim at pursuing MBBS from abroad due to the high growth rate in the medical academy in China. MBBS in China is known for its traditional medical transformation by the use of modern techniques. Developing and innovating medicine in a complicated structure is a big challenge and China has set all countries behind in developing new life science innovations.

Major Life Science Achievements of China.

  • AI medical assistance introduced by China which can monitor the diagnosis.
  • A rise in medical robotics increases a feather in the hat of Chinese medical innovation.
  • The powerful base for R&D and its infrastructure.
  • Development of Intellectual property rights protection.
  • Maintain the integration of global trade, drug regulation, and IP.

Medical education in China becomes the priority for massive folks in China as well as for international people to come in and grab the world’s best healthcare education in China. MBBS in China gives well-respected status to physicians in the social society moreover, the medical system in China follows the British medical structure with a time period of 5 years in total.

MBBS syllabus in China is popularly known for its structural diversity and practicality down the line with a great exposure to renowned hospitals in China which attracts the national as well as international students in huge number and became one of the great budget-friendly options. There is a simple and symmetric process for MBBS admissions in China for the students coming from abroad and wish to study MBBS in China.China medical universities list ranking is re-access on yearly basis on their performance.

MCI approved medical universities in China

Out of 3470 medical universities in for MBBS in China 45 universities are approved by the Medical Council of India and are listed below

Analysis of studying factors of MBBS in china Indian students seek to pursue medical education abroad when they are left with no other option after disqualifying from NEET. Moreover, top universities in China for MBBS offer great advantages for the students who wish to pursue MBBS in China. Let’s have a short lookout

  • No gratuity or donation is permitted in Chinese Medical University for MBBS in China.
  • Cost of studying MBBS in China is comparatively low to other developed nations as almost 90% of the medical universities in China are run by the government.
  • Chinese medical Universities are approved by WHO and are recognized by many other international medical councils.
  • No language barrier is there in Chinese MBBS syllabus, English is commonly and widely accepted in almost every Medical University.
  • Being a neighboring country, south China has similar weather conditions as of India.
  • China is the most populated country in the world and accordingly, the hospitals have enough facilities for beds to have a large inflow of patients at a single time.
  • Post-graduation options from other countries are also available for students.
  • Living cost in China is extremely low as compared to all other countries.
  • Students will get diverse cross-cultural experience, as students came across the globe to learn traditional medicine of China which is now popularly known as MBBS in China infused with modern and Technological techniques.
  • Application of MBBS course in China is directly accepted after 12th 
  • University provides USMLE

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in china

Besides the advantages, every country or everything has certain disadvantages as well. Chinese medical universities are giving world-class benefits to the world but still has certain deformities with its related courses of medicine. Have a look at some of them

  • Students with no choices left rather than to learn Mandarin (Chinese language) which is included in their course as HSK-4 group to maintain feasibility in day to day interaction with the patients in China.
  • Learning HSK level 2 for MBBS IN CHINA is mandatory to students for the basic understanding of Chinese language as the faculty does not sound affluent in English accent.
  • It has been advised to students to select the university wisely, as not every university is MCI approved and provided quality education.
  • Chinese medical universities are getting a large number of students across the globe and therefore the passing percentage of FMGE is getting degraded year by year (15% only) because all MCI approved universities are providing c- grade education.
  • MBBS admission in China becomes tough and is not highly advisory by MBBS Experts to Indian students who are willing to appear for MCI screening test but are not confident enough to pass it.
  • Medical universities in China are restricted to perform practical on non-living mannequins which are not appreciated by Indian alumni’s who have completed MBBS in China.
  • As China has 5 years of MBBS program which is incapable of cultivating best results out of the total population in China.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in China

The procedure to get admission in top MBBS college in China is just simple steps away-

Step-1 Application Form

Students should download the application form given on university’s website.

Step-2 Necessary Documents

  • 2 Passport size photographs.
  • High-school and intermediate mark sheets and passing certificates.
  • 11th and 12th certificates from the council board of education.
  • Copy of valid Passport.
  • Extra-curricular activities certificates.
  • All the documents must be attested properly.

Step-3 Inspection of documents

The universities in respect to the process of admission submit the necessary documents to international student’s committee of admission for the required inspection.

Step-4 Fee submission

Students are now required to pay the administration fee in advance (depending on the university) with regard to the MBBS admission in China. It also includes processing fee, admission fee, and application fee.

Step-5 Destination fee

A student can process the transaction of the fee to MBBS in China or in India, whichever to be processed fast.

Step-6 Formalities

Once the fee is done, we send you the copy of your admission letter from the respective university. after that, the documents need to be submitted to the ministry of education in China for the issue of JW202 form which is required in visa proceedings.

Step-7 Visa proceedings for MBBS in China

  • After all, formalities are done, student need to apply for the visa, following documents are required for visa application-
  • Passport size photographs
  • A valid copy of passport
  • JW202 as issued by the ministry of education in China.

Top Chinese Medical colleges Suggested by us

Universities Enrolment size
Capital Medical University 100
China Medical University 100
Chongqing Medical University 100
Dalian Medical University 100
Fudan University 100
Guangxi Medical University 100
Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology 100
Jiangsu University 100
Jilin University 100
Jinan University 100
Nanjing Medical University 100
Shandong University 100
Sichuan University 100
Southern Medical University 100
Tianjin Medical University 100
Wenzhou Medical University 100
Xi’an Jiao Tong University 100
Xinjiang Medical University 100
Zhejiang Medical University 100
Anhui Medical University 60
Beihua University 60
China Three Gorges University 60
Fujian Medical University 60
Guangzhou Medical University 60
Harbin Medical University 60
Hebei Medical University 60
Kunming Medical University 60
Liaoning Medical University 60
Luzhou Medical University 60
Nantong University 60
Ningbo University 60
Name of the University Eligibility Criteria Duration Total Fees
China Medical University 10+2(PCB 50%) 6 Years 25 LACS INR
Jilin University 10+2(PCB 50%) 6 Years 18 LACS INR
Dalian Medical University 10+2(PCB 50%) 6 Years 25 LACS INR

FMGE passing percentage in China?

It has been recorded from last 4 years that MBBS in China is not able to get good FMGE results for the students studying MBBS in China. In past 3 years, MBBS graduates in China had been able to deliver 5-6% FMGE result only, which is constantly low as compared to other countries. It has now become the most concerned issue from the point of Indian students who spent big amount to study MBBS in China and won’t get practice in India after completing MBBS course in China. The number of students moving China to pursue MBBS course is increasing year by year.


 FMGE passing ratio from last 3 yrs

  1. 2014 – Out of 3935 MBBS graduates from China, only 353 students would able to make it clear.
  2. 2015 –  Out of 3535 students appeared for FMGE and only 275 were passed.
  3. It has been known for the years that the passing percentage criteria of MCI are 20-24%


What is the mode of teaching in medical education in China?

China is a diverse country in spite of a majority of the population speaking Mandarin but there is a good exposure to inter-cultural goals. And the majority of the universities have English mode of teaching specializations in the medical field.

How much time a student visa should take and what’s the procedure of the same?

As everybody knows, Chinese people are hard-working and punctual. They care for the career of students and don’t take much time for the visa proceedings. students who wish to pursue MBBS in China will go in the category of X1 VISA which is for students who stays in China for more than 6 months for advanced or higher studies. The processing time for a visa is 4-7 days for the students.

Is language course being compulsory for students wishing to pursue MBBS in China?

As far as admissions in Medical education in China is concerned, every Medical University in China made a mandatory benchmark for international students to learn Chinese language course HSK-4 level and before admission student must have a basic understanding of HSK-2 level so that they a have a proper understanding of mandarin accent.

Is there any guarantee that students would clear the medical screening tests like USMLE, PLAB, MCI etc after completion MBBS in China?

There is no such principle as surety of getting passed in Medical screening tests, it also depends on the performance of students how dedicatedly they prepare themselves for screening tests. Indeed, we guarantee that all students are eligible and can appear for screening tests without any hindrance.

About china

People’s Republic of China, popularly known as China, is an East Asian country having a title of the most populous nation in the world. China is the third largest country by area with more than 15000 km of coastline.

Capital – Beijing

Population – 1.4 billion

Area – 9600000 square kilometers.

President – Xi Jinping

The language spoke – Standard Chinese

Religion – Chinese folk religion (73%), 15.8% Buddhism, 2% Christianity, 0.4% Islam, 7% other religious organizations

Rivers – Yellow, Yangtze, Heilong, Pearl, Liohe, Haihe, Lancang, Quiangtang

Currency – Renminbi (Yuan)

Television system – PAL,China central television station (CCTV) and English news channels are also available in many satellites

Political system  – National People Congress

Ruling party – Communist party of China

Country code  – (+86)

Beijing, the capital city of the country is enriched in historical artifacts and sites like Tiananmen square and forbidden city palace. One of the four oldest civilizations in the world is in China with the great engineering completion projects like The Great Wall, Grand Canal, Karez around 2000 years back.

Climatic information, China

China offers various sites territories to visit throughout the year, from the perspective of the students it is the climatically favorable country to study and the climate of south China is almost similar to India, as Cis a neighbouring country to India. China has a range of temperature and rainfall zones that vary throughout the year. Indian Students who wish to Pursue medicine in China can easily adjust to Chinese climate, it is almost similar to that of India.

Generally, China has 5 climatic zones

Cold Temperature Zone-Harbin

Mid-Temperature Zone-Jilin Liaoning, Xinjiang warm-temperature zone- Jinan, Qingdao, Xian.

Subtropical and Tropical Zone- Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, southern Taiwan, Guangdong.

Average temperature: Beijing

T. Jan Feb Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
(°C) -4 -2 5 14 20 24 27 25 20 13 5 -2

Religion and ethnic groups in China

China is a rich and diverse country from the perspective of ethnicity. The largest ethnic group in China that makes up to 90% of Chinese population is Han Chinese. The main ethnic minorities in China are-

Ethnic minorities in China Population in millions
Zhuang 17
Hui 10.5
Manchu 10.3
Uyghur 10
Miao 9.4
Yi 8.7
Tujia 8.3
Tibetan 6.2
Mongols 5.9
Dong 2.8
Buyei 2.8
Yao 2.7
Bai 1.9
Korean 1.8
Hani 1.6
Li 1.4
Kazakh 1.4
Mai 1.2

The main religion that is followed in China is Buddhism. Many Chinese people follow the religion but some of them follows Taoism, Folklore, Confucianism.

Cost of living during MBBS in China

China has been the prominent study destination for many international students. The living costs vary according to your geographical preference in China. Mostly students who want to Pursue Medical education in China live in Beijing due to the availability of top medical colleges for MBBS in China. Generally, Shanghai is one of the costliest city in China which has a living standard like of western countries. Food cost is too normal for students in China. Usually, international students spend around $4000 USD for accommodation and $2000 on other expenses.

Average living costs in China goes like-

Beijing – To live in such an expensive city in China and to cover all the expenses you need $700-$800 USD/month.

Shanghai – The average monthly expenditure that an average student need is $650-$780 USD.

Accommodation – You can also find several affordable home options in the expensive cities like Shanghai or Beijing. The basic low-cost option for MBBS in China are also available as

Rental flats – It usually costs between $300-1000 the USA per month, depending on the area or locality in the city.

Student residence – This option is way most cheap for students wants to pursue the costliest program like MBBS in China. It can easily available in the range of $200-$440 USD. However, every student residence apartments need certain deposit amount i.e. $300-$400 USD and electricity/gas- $500 USD.

Hostel – For international student’s Chinese medical universities has made certain arrangements in the university campuses. Or students can also take daily basis packages in the universities hostel. It starts from $15 USD per night.

Indian food availability during MBBS in China

In China, if you preferred lesser cosmopolitan cities to study or to live in like Guangzhou, Xi’an etc. you will not find the required resources to cook or to but Indian food due to less availability of Indian stores there.

Cities like Beijing, Shanghai there are many departmental stores that have been opened up from where you can get enough Indian food material. It’s better to get your raw materials for food from India most preferably spices that will go to help you a lot, as the 98% of Chinese population don’t speak English. You would find difficulty in finding Indian food in some specific cities.

Travelling details

China is a neighboring country to India so its don’t take much time to fly from India to China. You can get a round trip only at 18,000INR from India to China and from China to India. MBBS Experts are there to accompany you in your departure time and will assist you if asked. Some cheap and direct flights that make your journey from India to China safe and comfortable are-

  1. China Eastern
  2. Air China
  3. China Southern
  4. Air India
  5. Shandong airlines.

Network operators for MBBS in China

The 3 major networks that are operating in China are-

  • China telecom corporation
  • China Unicom
  • China Mobile.

These operators of China are on the 2nd, 3rd rank worldwide. The system of these operators works on CDMA and GSM mobile system. Students can also carry their mobile phone SIM card from India and get it port to any of these operators. These telecom operators that function in China are exclusively Chinese. Internet connectivity in any of these networks is cheap and also allows smooth international calling, Video calling etc.

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