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Our Services


Free Counseling

PGMedica Overseas has an expert team of counsellors who help students identify their career goals as per their academic calibre thus helping them make a wise didactic decision. We hold two counselling sessions and interviews to personally guide the students as well as the parents. We try to impart comprehensive information on MBBS admission abroad including the total cost, duration, and top medical universities.

University Selection

Our experienced counsellors will help you select the right university for your MBBS admission abroad according to your preferences, priorities, academic record and budget. We consider factors such as the university ranking, location, student safety, teacher to student ratio, MCI and USMLE passing ratio, etc. to suggest the best university to our students.

Documentation Assistance

To make the MBBS admission abroad hassle-free and quick, we take complete responsibility for the documents and credentials of our students while making sure they comply with the norms specified by the university.

Legalization of Documents: From the attestations and translations to all the other documentation procedures, we thoroughly assist our students during the admission procedure.

Admission Letter: By taking care of your documents, we ensure you get your university admission letter within 72 hours of application.

Passport Assistance: Don’t have a passport? Don’t worry! We can help you in getting your passport within five working days.

Visa Assistance: We provide complete Visa Assistance and Visa Counseling Service to the students. With us, you get a seamless experience in applying for a visa to study abroad and its approval. We also arrange travel for parents and relatives of the student who wish to visit the universities.

Education Loan: Through our experience and flair, we give the best advice to our students. We not only provide proper information about loans and fees structures but also help our students with applying for funding support. We suggest loans with the lowest interest rate and more flexibility.

Pre-Departure Guidance & Travel Guidance

  • Before student departure, we make sure that we provide complete information to our students about every possible thing they would probably need to know before going to study abroad.
  • We not only arrange for the ticket booking or visa application but also ensure complete student safety at all points.
  • We also give emergency assistance services to the students through our representatives.
  • We make sure to guide our students about the rules and regulations of the respective country as well as the university and hostel to make sure they have a safe and smooth experience abroad.
  • We also provide the contact number of our representative present in that country for all-time support for the students and parents.
  • While ensuring that our students reach their study destination safely, we also prepare them for all eventualities that may happen under any circumstances while travelling.
  • Since many students are first-time travellers who feel anxious about travelling, we send them in batches to make them feel more comfortable about their new journey in life.

Currency Exchange

We also help our students in getting currency exchange by providing them with the best possible exchange rate. We also help them get a travel card/FOREX card to withdraw cash conveniently, pay bills or buy fare tickets. We do so through our tie-ups with international banks.

With a FOREX Card handy, you can easily focus on your studies abroad and not worry about whether the money transfer will arrive on time or how you will pay for your living expenses till it does. We also provide our students with a traveller’s cheque at the time of departure.

Services after Reaching University

Our service is not limited to assisting our students throughout the MBBS admission abroad procedure until they arrive on their university campus. We provide post departure services as well so that our students feel like home at all times. We provide complete assistance to our students based on their timely needs.

Some of our main post departure services are:

  • Assistance in hostel registration with the best and most affordable accommodation facilities
  • Aid in final documentation in the university
  • Providing a local SIM card to the students
  • Enrolment in the hostel mess
  • Issuance of library membership card
  • Helping the students get medical assistance upon arrival and get registered for health insurance
  • Coordination with a local representative and university authorities for safety and well-being
  • Information and consultation about the visa application
  • Complete guidance if there is any need for visa extension
  • Assistance to parents for tickets booking and visa proceedings in case they want to meet their child
  • Enrolment for integrated MCI screening test or FMGE coaching classes in the respective university
  • Taking them out for local city tour to get acquainted with the facilities & culture and adapt to their new home better
  • Providing a university tour to help them understand the norms, functioning of classes, library rules and functioning, and more

We try our best to be available to our students in every possible way. Also, we serve them to the fullest of our abilities until they graduate. We are always there to listen to them and do whatever they need our help in. In case of any emergencies, we are there to help them out. As the local guardians for our students in the university, we guide them through every step and monitor them to become best doctors to this society.