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  • March, 3rd 2022
  • PGmedica Overseas

Kazan State Medical University, Russia: All You Need To Know

Kazan State Medical University is the third oldest and one of the most reputed public medical universities in Russia. This prestigious medical university is located in the city of Kazan, with its main campus on Butlerov Street.

The University prepares excellent experts in various fields of medicine with over 200 years of experience in medical training. Each academic year consists of two semesters, one from September to January and the other from February to June and the examinations are held at the end of both semesters.

KSMU trains its medical students beginning with lectures proceeded by laboratory and practical work across a period of six years. The curriculum at Kazan State Medical University, Russia is very integrated and aims to offer excellent quality to all the students.

Due to its well-structured curriculum, advanced teaching methodologies, affordable fees structure and healthy study environment, the University attracts thousands of international students from all over the world each year.

Why Do We Recommend Kazan State Medical University for Indian Students?

MBBS in India is merely becoming a dream nowadays, because of the limited number of seats in public medical colleges and the high cost of tuition fees in private medical colleges. Many medical aspirants have to let go of their dreams because they cannot afford the hefty fees of private medical colleges in India.

However, if you are NEET qualified, it is better to fly to Russia and study medicine there at a much affordable tuition fee and of course, medical education quality par excellence. And since Kazan State Medical University is one of the best medical universities in Russia, it makes a great choice to be your study destination too.

Here are a few reasons why we recommend studying MBBS at Kazan State Medical University, Russia:

1. High Recognition and Accreditation:

Kazan State Medical University is recognized by some of the leading medical councils and educational bodies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI), Ministry of Healthcare, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, ECFMG (USA), AMC, GMC etc. Hence, a degree from this esteemed university offers you international credibility. Furthermore, Kazan State Medical University ranking makes you eligible to work anywhere across the globe.

2. MCI Approved:

Since the university is approved by the Medical Council of India, Indian students who have graduated from KSMU can practice medicine after returning back to India. All they are required to do is successfully pass the MCI Screening Test.

3. Low-Cost Educational Fees:

Kazan State Medical University MBBS fees structure is very low and affordable without compromising with the quality of education. The university is government-funded and is more focused on producing competent medicinal professionals rather than money-making.

4. Reasonable Accommodation & High Standards of Living:

In addition to the tuition fees, the university provides hostel accommodation, travel, food and textbooks to the students at very low and reasonable prices. The dormitories are equipped with all necessary amenities and Indian students are given delicious Indian meals in the central mess of the hostels. Most importantly, the quality of life is very high in Russia.

5. No Donation Fees Required:

Kazan State Medical University does not take any extra money in form of donations or capitation fees. This is completely opposite to the condition of Indian medical colleges and also another huge relief on the pockets. Hence, all you need to pay is for the tuition fee and accommodation without worrying about paying any extra sums of money.

6. English Medium Mode of Study:

Foreign students at KSMU can choose to study medicine in either English or Russian. So, Indian students do not have to worry about learning a new language after joining the college and can instantly begin their studies in the English medium. This makes sure the students don’t get stuck in learning the grammatical concepts of the Russian language. This way, their focus doesn’t drift from medicine and they keep learning medicine with the same passion they always had.

7. Simplified Admission Procedure:

The admission process for MBBS at KSMU is online and is completely hassle-free. The procedure is quick, convenient and fully transparent. Students can pay their fees directly to the university without the involvement of any third-party agent. Moreover, fees can also be paid in instalments as per the semester.

8. Basic Eligibility Criteria:

The students who score an average of 55% marks in 10+2 from a reputed and recognized higher secondary school in India are eligible to take admission at KSMU. So, you don’t have to score a stunning 90% to be eligible for admission at KSMU. However, NEET qualification is a must!

9. Exceptional & Highly Experienced Faculty Members:

The highly qualified and experienced staff of KSMU imparts meticulous teaching to its students through lectures, tests, quizzes, examinations, laboratory and written works, MCQ-tests, etc. The teacher to student ratio at KSMU is low and hence, it is easy for students to interact with their professors and learn the concepts better. This further contributes to increasing Kazan State Medical University ranking.

10. Completely Safe Environment:

International students at KSMU are completely safe as they are monitored all the time through CCTV cameras and highly trained security guards. Kazan is a major city with very low crime rates. Moreover, the university has strict rules and regulations for ragging, bullying and harassment activities.

PGmedica Overseas

PGmedica Overseas

The Bottom Line

Kazan State Medical University is an utter hub for advanced medical training for its students. The university’s focus lies in imparting high-quality medical skills to the students without risking their safety. If you want to know more about why KSMU is the best university for you, please watch our YouTube video to know the same.

Furthermore, feel free to connect with us to know the total Kazan State Medical University MBBS fees and to book your seat with us. You can also read our blog to know the facts of Crimea Federal University in Russia if you think KSMU might not be an ideal choice for you.

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