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  • March, 3rd 2022
  • PGmedica Overseas

Study MBBS Abroad & Save Your Precious Year & Money

If you have appeared for NEET once or twice but ended up with unsatisfactory results, do not waste one more year wishing for higher marks and getting into your desired Indian medical college. India is a land of competition and securing a seat among millions of students who appear for the same entrance exam can be a really difficult task to accomplish.

We believe there is no point in waiting for two to three years and still get admission into a college that charges you hefty money in the name of donation. We’d rather recommend you study MBBS abroad and save your precious time and money.

After all, Indian students with low NEET rank cannot secure a seat in a government medical college. Students who cannot afford the extravagant fees of private medical colleges either end up taking huge loans or have to let go of their dream degree.

Hence, if you are wondering what after NEET 2021 with low marks, take your MBBS admission in one of the leading medical universities abroad. If you are new to the concept of pursuing medical education abroad, you might have hundreds of questions about the admission process, eligibility, cost and overall expenses. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

The Nitty-Gritty of Taking MBBS Admission Abroad

Before we even expand in detail about it, let us assure you that pursuing MBBS abroad can cost you much less as compared to India. The leading medical colleges in highly developed countries like Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, etc. are focused on imparting excellent quality education rather than money-making.

Most of these universities are hence government-funded and have fairly affordable fees. Furthermore, the cost of living is very reasonable as well. Acquiring a medical degree abroad helps you secure a highly successful future with international credibility and of course, a better grasp on medical subjects.

Some Crucial MBBS Abroad Facts You Need To Know

  • No matter which study destination or university you choose, it is important to ensure that the university is recognized by the Medical Council of India.
  • If you study in a medical college abroad that is not MCI approved, you cannot appear for the NEXT exam once you come back to India and hence, cannot practice as a medical doctor here.
  • So, it is important to make sure you take admission to a fully English medium university that is MCI approved.

Wondering why we said only fully English medium? This is because studying in a completely new language drifts your focus from learning medicine to learning the grammatical concepts of an unfamiliar language.

Duration of Studying MBBS Abroad

Generally, it takes between 5 to 6 years to study MBBS abroad but the exact course duration depends on the university and country you go to. The medical curriculum of leading medical educational destinations such as Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc. are highly advanced and comply with European educational standards.

Furthermore, all the medical colleges dedicate the final year of the course to internships and practical training at medical facilities. Also, the government ensures that international students get equal opportunities when it comes to jobs and internships. This is a critical period to polish your medical skills, come across real patients and get your hands on new medical cases every day.

Benefits of Studying MBBS Abroad

Students who are wondering what after NEET 2021 can study MBBS abroad to get into high-quality medical colleges and avail themselves of hundreds of perks. Wondering what are the benefits of studying MBBS abroad? Here are a few major ones to list but trust us - you’ll experience many more when you personally go through this journey:

  1. First and foremost, MBBS abroad is very cost-effective as compared to India because of affordable fee structures and most importantly, no donation fees.
  2. Furthermore, the hostels are fully furnished with all the basic amenities required for a comfortable stay and are reasonably priced.
  3. The entire university campus and all the hostel buildings are monitored through CCTV cameras and highly specialised security guards for the complete safety of the international students.
  4. The quality of medical education is excellent and the teaching faculty is highly experienced.
  5. Moreover, students who study in developed nations get their hands on the latest medical equipment and learning technologies as compared to India.
  6. Furthermore, medical colleges abroad provide Indian students with global exposure via diversified students, seminars and conferences.
  7. The international students are equally eligible for internships and job opportunities.
  8. Most importantly, Indian students are not deprived of Indian food. With thousands of Indian students flocking abroad for their MBBS studies, the Indian population is rising fast and hence, there are numerous Indian restaurants to find Indian delicacies and always at home.
  9. Russian, Kazakh and Ukrainian medical colleges even have an Indian menu in their central mess every day.
  10. Honestly, these were just a few major perks you can get if you study MBBS abroad but there are actually a lot more advantages of studying MBBS abroad. If you ask us which is the best study destination to pursue medicine abroad, we’ll instantly recommend Ukraine! Read to know why Ukraine is the best place to study MBBS abroad for Indian students.

PGmedica Overseas

PGmedica Overseas

The Bottom Line

To assure yourself a successful career, it is important to have the right roadmap to ensure all the steps you take in this journey are favourable for you. PGmedica Overseas is your one-stop solution to ensure you know what’s right for you. If you are interested in knowing more about MBBS abroad, booking your admission seat or knowing what to do after NEET, feel free to connect with us and get answers to all your queries.

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