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  • March, 3rd 2022
  • PGmedica Overseas

Why Do You Need To Choose English Medium MBBS in Russia?

If you want to study MBBS in Russia, did anyone tell you how important it is to only acquire your admission to a fully English medium university? If not, this article will take you through the importance of selecting the English language for Russia and MBBS abroad, in general.

Study MBBS in Russia – But In A Language You Have Good Command Of!

Being the largest country in the world, Russia has always attracted a lot of people for tourism and education. Ever since MBBS abroad became a considerable and growing option for Indian students, Russia has attracted the highest number of students each year. After all, with advanced medical curriculum, modern teaching methods and the latest equipment, the Russian medical degree has high significance throughout the world.

But not every student gets the best educational experience when they go to study medicine in Russia. And the Russian medical programs or universities are not to be blamed for. “Why?”, you ask. Well, because Indian students are not given 100% authentic information about the types of Russian medical universities, available options and leading colleges.

Hence, they end up choosing the wrong universities and are stuck in a new land with a curriculum they cannot really understand. Now, why does this happen? What’s the reason and how you can select the right Russian medical university to get your hands on high-quality education and promise yourself a smooth and engaging learning experience?

Read through this article to find out everything you need to know about the Russian medical program and the importance of choosing an English medium university only.

Types of Russian Medical Universities

If you thought all Russian medical institutions were the same, you were wrong. Russian medical universities are primarily of two types:

  • Government-Funded Universities, and
  • Private Universities

Now, these universities are further categorised into three major types:

  • Completely English medium universities
  • Bilingual universities, and
  • Completely Russian medium universities

Hoping we don’t even need to expand on what English, Russian and bilingual universities are, all we’d focus on is why you should only choose a completely English medium university.

But before that, let us highlight some major scams that are done with Indian students and their parents due to which they end up taking admission into the wrong university and wasting their hard-earned money.

  • Well, many agents either enrol Indian students into the Russian or bilingual universities due to higher commissions and don’t really let the students know that actually, three main types of universities exist.
  • On the other hand, some fool Indian students to take admission in Bilingual universities saying that the students will have a negligible curriculum in the Russian language by the end of the course only – until when they will naturally learn the native language while living.

However, this is untrue. Bilingual Russian universities only provide the first year in English medium – that too, not 100%. From the second year onwards, the students have to study in the Russian curriculum only. This is what the main issue is!

This happens with Indian students who opt for MBBS in China as well. Here’s how Indian students are scammed for taking admissions in Chinese universities but we always recommend selecting the English language no matter which foreign country you go to.

How can you learn and master the demanding concepts of medical science in a language you have never learned? Don’t expect yourself to settle for bilingual universities just for the sake of saving a little money – thinking you will be able to learn the Russian language in just one year.

Because, even if you enrol yourself in Russian language classes alongside your medical studies, you will not be able to dedicate your complete time to your MBBS studies. You will rather be stuck with the grammatical concepts of the new language. Also, remember, there is a huge difference between oral and written concepts, no matter what language it is.

Main Reasons Why You Should Choose English Medium Universities for MBBS in Russia

Now that we have expanded enough on the scams done with medical aspirants and the overall issue, here are some major reasons why you should only select a completely English medium university to pursue MBBS in Russia.

  • You have studied the English language until your senior secondary school. So, you should continue your studies in a language you hold good command of rather than finding yourself stuck in an unfamiliar language.
  • Some agents might try to fool you that you will get equal work opportunities if you enrol for a bilingual medical program because of English. However, if you graduate from a bilingual university, your work opportunities will be limited to certain regions.
  • English is a global language. Hence, a degree in the English language makes you more eligible for better work opportunities in the future.
  • The same applies if you want to pursue your further studies in the US, UK, etc.
  • Even if you intend to come back to India and practice here, there is no point in weakening your English concepts and getting a degree in the Russian language that will not really be useful later on.

Some Surprising Reasons Why MBBS in Russia is Good for You!

There are various reasons why one must opt for MBBS in Russia but in the English medium. Have a look:

1. High-standards of the Universities:

All the leading Russian universities boast an advanced physical infrastructure and have a very high standard of education. This is why the degree is highly recognized across the globe. The fee structure may be a little higher for the English medium aspirants comparatively, but the government of Russia is constantly trying to raise the standards of the education system and making it very wide in scope so that the value is maintained throughout the world.

2. Collaboration with Various Medical Organisations:

The universities in Russia have collaborated with various world-renowned organisations like UNESCO, WHO and the medical councils of various countries like the Middle East, USA, UK, India, Canada and Australia. Hence, their curriculums are approved by the leading medical organisations and councils, giving your degree an even better value once you graduate.

3. Duration of the Course:

If you opt for MBBS in Russia, you can pass the degree in the same duration as MBBS in India. However, if you take part in a completely Russian medium university, you will have to dedicate one entire year for the language training before proceeding. So, why waste one precious year when you have a great option to study MBBS in Russia in English?

4. Affordable Tuition Fees:

Another reason that makes MBBS in Russia a great choice for Indians is that the tuition fee for the medical course is comparatively very low and affordable as compared to India and other advanced countries like the USA, UK, etc. without compromising on the facilities and quality of education.

5. Highly Experienced Faculty Members:

Russian universities that host curriculums in complete English medium have highly experienced and reputed professors and medical professionals from across the world.

Also, please check out our detailed YouTube Video on what is the eligibility criteria and Russia MBBS fees for Indian students.

PGmedica Overseas

PGmedica Overseas


We hope we helped you understand the importance of studying MBBS in Russia in the English language only. If you still have any doubts about pursuing your medical education from the Russian Federation or want to know about Russia MBBS fees for Indian students, feel free to connect with us so that we can schedule a one-on-one session for you and provide you with completely authentic information about the same.

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